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Friday, December 14, 2007

Peter Godwin - Dance Emotions [1982]

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Diverso Magazine said...

Hi. Im looking for instrumental version of emotional disguise, if anybody can help me, best wishes

discobunny said...

Thanks very much for sharing this. You have some great posts on this site.

giz said...

Greetings from Mission Control, Fort Godwin:-)

Aside from this, Peter is definitely back on the scene plus, according to the king of coolness himself, "There's an update to the Nuevo website in the wings- a new shop, a new video.. and more.. Coming very soon..." (Peter Godwin)

To learn more about his new band and his music, please visit us at:

Anyways, do join us in his face book fan page:


Much love and thankies from the Mission Control Center, Fort Godwin.

skyray is love,

Anonymous said...

What's the password for this .rar file?

saade said...

Ah, a favorite from my DJ days!