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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Toyah - Sheep Farming In Barnet [1979]

Friday, January 25, 2008

Muslimgauze - Abu Nidal [1987]

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pieter Nooten & Michael Brook - Sleeps with the Fishes [1987]

New Model Army - Strange Brotherhood [1998]


I reuploaded:
1. Vitamin Z - Rites of Passage [1985] here
2. Tik & Tok - Intolerance - The Very Be@st of 1982 to 1984 [2000] here
3. Amnesia - Hysteria [1988] (it is full album now) here
4. The Twins - A Wild Romance [1983] (better sound quality) here

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

We love you JACKASS!

A stupid JACKASS reported all Killing Joke albums to be forbidden to be shared. I dedicate you Christian Death's song "Death Wish". So now all my efforts are going to be slowly killed. I'm not going to reupload them again because most of them were not provided to rapidshare by me. I don't have enough time also to look for substitute links.

JACKASS also killed Vitamin Z - Rites of Passage and Tik and Tok - Intolerance. Please report all the other dead links. NRRules is bleeding and dying.

I've got an idea. Please share all the links You can find to Killing Joke albums. Don't let the JACKASS win. And contribute all the music You want in comments to this post. Thanks to anonymous who already provided links to Killing Joke albums. Thanks to batalist who provided links to 2 Depeche Mode's releases and Erasure. As I did something for You, You can do something for me now. Keep up the good work. If You leave your links with: tracklist, bitrate, file size you can expect that I'll post it later on my blog.

Colin Newman - A-Z [1980]

Colin Newman - A-Z [(P) 1980 (C) 1988] [MP3 320 kbps]
Format: CD, Album
Label: Beggars Banquet
Catalog#: BBL 20 CD
Styles: Rock, Alternative Rock, New Wave, Avantgarde
I've Waited Ages
& Jury
Order for Order
Life on Deck
S-S-S-Star Eyes
Seconds to Last
But No
The Classic Remains
Alone on Piano
This Picture
Not Me
Don't Bring Reminders

Christian Death - Deathwish [1984]

Erasure - Erasure [1995]

VA - Retronics [1999]

Baroque Bordello - 83-86 [2004]

Saturday, January 12, 2008

VA - NRRules Remixes [2008]

Time Modem - Mantel Der Nacht [1991]

Time Modem - Mantel Der Nacht [1991] [MP3 128-160 kbps]
Format: CD, Single
Label: BOY Records
Catalog#: BOY 8828-8
Styles: Electronic, Trance, Techno, New Beat
Der Mantel Der Nacht (Alien Elements)
Werkzeug Eines Fernen Willens
Der Mantel Der Nacht

T 99 - Invisible Sensuality [1988]

Skinny Puppy - 12 Inch Anthology [1990]

Out of the Ordinary - Der Weisse Hai [1992]

Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy [1984]

Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy [1984] [MP3 320 kbps]
Format: Vinyl, 12", Single
Label: In the Mix, Ariola
Catalog#: 601 426
Styles: Electronic, Italo-Disco
Hey Hey Guy (Original Mix)
Hey Hey Guy (Special "Nunk" Remix)

Gazebo - I Like Chopin [1983]

Gazebo - I Like Chopin [1983] [MP3 320 kbps]
Format: Vinyl, 12", Single
Label: Baby Records International
Catalog#: BRD 1250289
Styles: Synth-Pop
I Like Chopin (Extended)
I Like Chopin (Instrumental)

Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Reload! Frankie: The Whole 12 Inches [1995]

Eight Seconds - Big Houses [1990]

Eight Seconds - Big Houses [1990] [MP3 320 kbps]
Format: Cassette, Album
Label: ATCO Records
Catalog#: CD 91417
Styles: Electronic, Rock, Pop
Here Stood Troy
No Picasso
Tell Diane
Chopin's Heart
We Set Him Free
Thorn in My Side
Beyond the Shock
Happy Endings
Moving Day

Blancmange - 12'' Collection [2002]

Blancmange - 12'' Collection [2002] [MP3 160-320 kbps]
Blind Vision [Razormaid Mix]
God's Kitchen [Extended]
Don't Tell Me [12" Mix]
Feel Me [Extended 12" Version]
I Can See It [Extended Version]
Lose Your Love [Extended Version]
What's Your Problem? [Original 12" Mix]
Ave Maria [Extended Version]
I Love I Hate [The Lake Side Mix]
One Day One Time [Nil by Mouth Mix]
Blind Vision [12" Version]
Don't Tell Me [Original U.K. Extended 12 Inch Version]
Game Above My Head [12" Long Version]
Living on the Ceiling [Extended Mix]
Lose Your Love [The Lover's Randy Remix]
That's Love, That It Is [Extended Remix Version]
The Day Before You Came [12" Version]
I Love I Hate [245 Nuttall Street Mix]
One Day One Time [Bone O Fide Remix]
Mixing on the Ceiling Megamix

Friday, January 11, 2008

VA - NRRules Sampler Vol. 2 [2008]

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

John Carpenter and Alan Howarth - They Live (Soundtrack) [1988]

Dalek I - Compass Kum'pas [1980]

Nash the Slash - Children of the Night [1981]

Furniture - The Wrong People [1986]

Monday, January 7, 2008

James Plotkin - Indirmek [2007]

John Carpenter and Alan Howarth - Escape From New York (Soundtrack) [1981]

Data - Elegant Machinery [1985]

Data - 2-Time [1983]

Data - Opera Electronica [1981]

Kissing the Pink - Certain Things Are Likely [1986]

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Tommi Stumpff - Zu Spät Ihr Scheißer [1982]

Poesie Noire - Complicated Compilated 84-89 [1990]

Jocke Soderqvist - Perma Blue [1988]

The Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble - The Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble [2006]

Ulver - Svidd Neger - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [2003]

Angelo Badalamenti - Twin Peaks [Original TV Soundtrack] [1990]

VA - Heat Soundtrack [1995]

Klaus Doldinger - Das Boot Soundtrack [1985]

Genesis - ...Calling All Stations... [1997]

Genesis - ...Calling All Stations... [1997] [MP3 320 kbps]
Format: CD, Album
Label: Virgin
Catalog#: GENCD6, 7243 8 44607 2 3
Styles: Soft Rock, Pop Rock
Calling All Stations
Alien Afternoon
Not About Us
If That's What You Need
The Dividing Line
Uncertain Weather
Small Talk
There Must Be Some Other Way
One Man's Fool

Propaganda - Only One Word [1990]

Propaganda - Only One Word [1990] [MP3 192 kbps]
Format: CD, Single
Label: Virgin
Catalog#: VSCDT 1271, 663 518
Styles: Electronic, Pop, Rock, Pop Rock, Synth-Pop, Ballad
Only One Word
La Carne, La Morte E Il Diavolo
Only One Word (Album Version)
Open Spaces

Camouflage - Relocated [2006]

Camouflage - Relocated [2006] [MP3 320 kbps]
Format: CD, Album
Label: Synthetic Symphony
Catalog#: SPV 63952 CD
Styles: Electronic, Pop, Rock, New Wave, Synth-Pop
We Are Lovers
Motif Sky
Real Thing
Passing By
The Perfect Key
The Pleasure Remains
Bitter Taste
Something Wrong
How Do You Feel?

The Alan Parsons Project - The Instrumental Works [1988]

a-ha - How Can I Sleep with Your Voice in My Head [2003]

a-ha - How Can I Sleep with Your Voice in My Head [2003] [MP3 320 kbps]
Format: CD, Album
Label: WEA Records
Catalog#: 5050466-3329-2-9
Styles: Rock, Pop
Forever Not Yours
Minor Earth Major Sky
Manhattan Skyline
I've Been Losing You
Crying in the Rain
The Sun Always Shines on TV
Did Anyone Approach You
The Swing of Things
Stay on These Roads
Hunting High and Low
Take on Me
The Living Daylights
Summer Moved On

Soft Cell and Marc Almond - Tainted Love [1991]

Duet Emmo - Or So It Seems [1983]