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Friday, February 15, 2008

Signal Aout 42 - Immortal Collection 1983-1995 [1995]

Signal Aout 42 - Immortal Collection 1983-1995 [(P) 1995 (C) 1996] [MP3 192 kbps]
Format: CD, Compilation
Label: Fifth Colvmn Records
Catalog#: 9868-63232-2
Styles: Electronic, EBM, Techno, Electro, New Beat, Industrial
Overture: Fatal Attraction [New]
Behind the Line [New]
Waterdome [Interlude LP Version]
Dead Is Calling [Remix]
Why Not [Original LP Version]
To Talk Nonsense [Original LP Version]
Pro Patria [Original LP Version]
Try to Survive [New]
You Are [Original Version]
Shadow Man [Original Version]
Don't Remember [New]
To Paint [Original Version]
Carnaval [Original Version]
In the Name Of... [New]
Pleasure and Crime

1 komentarze:

rick said...

one of the best ebm groups ever right up there with front 242