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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

VA - This Is Not a Depeche Mode Song [2008]

4 komentarze:

El said...

Thank you so for this compilation. More compilations should be more blatantly attributed to Depeche Mode. Sheer brilliance!

Although I'm surprised Cause and Effect didn't make the cut?

Anonymous said...

whats the password for this - VA-TINaDMS.rar file.

newromanticrules does not seem to be the right password. pls reply

Clark said...

Nice album, this band has been an icon talking about their music, they are so fanmous for their electronic mixing, I like the album so much.

Mario said...

Nice Compilation! Yes this bands are in the same way of DM, I share the Oppinion that Cause and Effect cut must be included in the compilation. The closest similar album to DM is "Another Minute"