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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Depeche Mode - MODEified by 7 [2008]

Depeche Mode - Modeified by 7 [2008] [MP3 138-234 kbps]
Format: 3 CD, Compilation
Label: Not on Label
Styles: Electronic
James D. Stark - Higher Love (Monastery Mix)
A New January - Two Minute Warning
Love|less - Television Set ('08)
The Echoing Green - Here Is the House
Kilna - Enjoy the Silence
Darkly Dreaming - Love in Itself
Endless Comes Later - Things You Said
Lakeside X - Nothing's Impossible
Storybox - Lie to Me
Dossiers Secrets - But Not Tonight
Blind Before Dawn - The Sun & the Rainfall
Terminal Bliss - World in My Eyes
Louis Guidone - Photographic
Jason Coy - Only When I Lose Myself
Perihelion + Dasein - Suffer Well
Northern Mars - Walking in My Shoes
Tony Court - Stripped (The Honeymoon Mix)
Fuzzy Monsters - Sweetest Perfection
Coveinsight - Stripped (Intro)
Osc1 - Precious
Polystar - Lie to Me
Color Theory - I Am You (Modeified Mix)
Phase Theory - Policy of Truth
Opium - Sister of Night
Rafi Kharman - Happiest Girl
Interferencia - New Dress
Christian Dannie Storgaard - A Question of Time
Envy the Machine - But Not Tonight
Encomium Effect - Here Is the House
Cliché - Blasphemous Rumors
Solar Plexus - Lillian
Synthetic Fm Featuring Purveyo - Any Second Now
Fuckware - Stories of Old
Das Overman Projekt - It Doesn't Matter Two
Love|less - It's No Good (Encore Mix)
Devo - Stjarna
Myra Hope Graber - (Contemplating) Freelove
Benthic - Kaleid
Jason Coy - Barrel of a Gun
Blind Before Dawn - Rush
Louis Guidone - Fools
Jason Coy - Something to Do
Interferencia - But Not Tonight
Louis Guidone - Ice Machine

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