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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Camouflage - Archive #01 [2007]

Camouflage - Archive #01 (2007) [MP3 167-235 kbps]
The Great Commandment (Original Us 12' Mix)
Love Is a Shield (Lexy & K-Paul Remix)
Me and You (Kaycee's Downbeat Mix)
Every Now and Then
Strangers' Thoughts (Longer)
The Story of the Falling Fighters (Extended Version)
Handsome (Mosaic Mix)
Computerliebe (Live 1989)
Heaven [I Want You (Club Mix)]
In Cold Blood
Kling Klang
Crime (Ray & Ito Version)
Mr. X (Demo Version)
Love Is a Shield (Orbit Dub Mix)
The Great Commandment 2.0 (Very.Mix)
That Smiling Face (German Band Version)
Perfect (Huntermann & Bodzin Mix)
Thief (Der Dritte Raum Mix)
One Fine Day (Daylight-Mix)
Telephone Sensor
They Catch Secrets (They Catch More Secrets)
Suspicious Love (Live at Bear Music Days)
Wet Electronics
Camou Says Abdulu

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this......This Blogg sure does RULE.