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Monday, July 13, 2009

VA - The Lost Hits Vol. 60 [2009]

V/A - The Lost Hits Vol. 60 [2009] [MP3 128-320 kbps]
Format: CD, Compilation
Label: NRRules Records
Catalog#: NRRLH60
Styles: Electronic, Pop, Rock, Comedy, Gothic Rock, Nederpop, Soundtrack, Dance
Halo James - Well of Souls
Sideway Look - Unlock the Capital
Billy Ocean - Loverboy
Eddie Murphy - Party All the Time
Advanced Art - No Answers No Solutions
Trisomie 21 - The Perfect Side of Doubt
Moskwa TV - Interface G
The Human League - 4JG
Transvision Vamp - God Save the Royalties (Backward Recorded)
Absolute Body Control - Figures
Espionage - Cabaret
Teepee - Tribes Are Meeting
Nits - In the Dutch Mountains
Tommi Stumpff - Die Stimme Des Herrn
Dave Ball/Genesis P Orridge - Muzak for Frogs
808 State - State to State
Fats Comet and the Big Sound - Zoop Zoop

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Anonymous said...

Muchas gracias por esta impresionante colección hecha con un gusto exquisito

Saludos desde España

NOISEBOX said...

great blog! please check out or maybe add this on your link:

we share same interest in music. thanks and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Yipes, you make it rain...

Thanks yet again!

badself said...

I love these compilations!

brianwhatever said...

Wow! You packed a lot of great stuff into these comps! Thank you for all your efforts!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for this collection of The Lost Hits........cheers

KamiKazeNH said...

Thanks for Lost Hits, Rambul!

Great work :D

Rafael said...

muy buena la recopilación buen gusto por la musica.

Anonymous said...

reupload plz. in advanec thnx

Anonymous said...

Matchless collections, many thanks, reupload please last.

Rambul said...

If You donate me 5$ I will reupload tomorrow.

80sOne said...

I guess nobody paid because the links are still dead.

Rambul said...

I wasn't serious with this 5$.:) I will reupload it next week so keep coming back to NRR. I promise.

Anonymous said...


Rambul said...

It's good You remind me cos I forgot again.

Rambul said...

New link added. Additional link here:

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