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Monday, October 12, 2009

Soundtrack - The Truth and the Light (Music from The X-Files) [1996]

Soundtrack - The Truth and the Light - Music from The X-Files (Mark Snow) [1996] [MP3 255-310 kbps]
Mark Snow - Introitus: Praeceps Transito Spatium
Mark Snow - Materia Primoris: the X-Files Theme (Main Title)
Mark Snow - Raptus
Mark Snow - Adelatus
Mark Snow - Deverbero
Mark Snow - Cantus Excio
Mark Snow - Mercutura
Mark Snow - Lamenta
Mark Snow - Insequi
Mark Snow - Otium
Mark Snow - Dubitatio
Mark Snow - Iter
Mark Snow - Progigno De Axis
Mark Snow - Carmen Amatorium Ex Arcanum
Mark Snow - Facetus Malum
Mark Snow - Memoria
Mark Snow - Mitis Lumen
Mark Snow - Fides Fragilis
Mark Snow - Exoptare Ex Veritas
Mark Snow - Kyrie

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