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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Double Fantasy - Food for Fantasy [1994]

Double Fantasy - Food for Fantasy [1994] [WV 333-340 kbps]
01-D.F. - The New Generation
02-Universal Ave
04-Energy Force
05-T.R.E.B.O.R.-s Farewell
06-Another Time, Another Place
07-Road To Cygnus A
08-Food For Fantasy
09-Last Jorney

4 komentarze:

Jiří said...

What is format .WV? :-/

the saucer people said...

Just letting you know that the Double Fantasy 'Food For Fantasy' Oron link is dead which as this is the reups section I thought I better let you know!

Despite the Double Fantasy name and appearing on Innovative Communication label like the 1985 DF album Universal Ave, this is not a follow up as Robert Schroeder had left the label by then and as the label had the rights to the Double Fantasy name he changed it to 'Food For Fantasy' and then Innovative Communication brought out this album called 'Food For Fantasy' also....gets confusing doesn't it!

Having said that, its still a wonderful album (it does features the artists Schroeder collaborated with on the first DF album) and features a couple of cool covers of tracks from the original DF album...well worth a download!

I sold the album years ago and have an okish 256kbps rip but the quality on NRR is usually the best so it was really sad to see the Oron link down so soon!

If there is any chance or re-re-uploading the file that would be great!

Rambul said...

Special rereupload for the saucer people. Enjoy!

the saucer people said...

Hey Rambul! Huge thanks for reposting this and for been so quick to respond with my request!

I appreciate the time and effort it takes to upload to a new file sharing site and then update the post..times that by dozens of weekly requests then it means a lot of hard work and your efforts are so appreciated sharing music that otherwise would have stayed lost down the memory hole!

Now for some delicious fantasy food!