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Monday, October 12, 2009

Soundtrack - The Truth and the Light (Music from The X-Files) [1996]

Soundtrack - The Truth and the Light - Music from The X-Files (Mark Snow) [1996] [MP3 255-310 kbps]
Mark Snow - Introitus: Praeceps Transito Spatium
Mark Snow - Materia Primoris: the X-Files Theme (Main Title)
Mark Snow - Raptus
Mark Snow - Adelatus
Mark Snow - Deverbero
Mark Snow - Cantus Excio
Mark Snow - Mercutura
Mark Snow - Lamenta
Mark Snow - Insequi
Mark Snow - Otium
Mark Snow - Dubitatio
Mark Snow - Iter
Mark Snow - Progigno De Axis
Mark Snow - Carmen Amatorium Ex Arcanum
Mark Snow - Facetus Malum
Mark Snow - Memoria
Mark Snow - Mitis Lumen
Mark Snow - Fides Fragilis
Mark Snow - Exoptare Ex Veritas
Mark Snow - Kyrie

Soundtrack - K2 (Hans Zimmer) [1991]

Hans Zimmer - K2 [1991] [MP3 320 kbps]
Format: CD, Album
Label: Varese Sarabande
Catalog#: VSD-5354
Styles: Electronic
The Ascent
The Descent

London Beat - Speak [1988]

Londonbeat - Speak [1988] [MP3 267-313 kbps]
There's a Beat Going On....
Beat Patrol
Failing in Love Again
9am (The Comfort Zone)
Nice Here When It's Nice
Get Wet
One Blink
Talent on the Make
Please Baby (Can I Have My Heart Back Please?)
Bribe the Bride
There's a Deep House Going on 12'

Crowded House - Woodface [1991]

Crowded House - Woodface (1991) [MP3 248-302 kbps]
Chocolate Cake
It's Only Natural
Fall at Your Feet
Tall Trees
Weather with You
Whispers and Moans
Four Seasons in One Day
There Goes God
Fame Is
All I Ask
As Sure as I Am
Italian Plastic
She Goes On
How Will You Go

a-ha - Angel [1993]

a-ha - Angel (CDS) [1993] [MP3 292-309 kbps]
Angel (Acoustic Instrumental)
Stay on These Roads
Manhattan Skyline
Scoundrel Days (Live)

Monday, October 5, 2009

VA - Disc Drive - Jive Electro Compilation Album [1985]

V/A - Disc Drive - Jive Electro Compilation Album [1985] [MP3 320 kbps]
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Label: Jive/Zomba
Catalog#: 40010
Styles: Electronic
Tangerine Dream - Streethawk
Mark Shreeve - Storm Column
The Willesden Dodgers - Gunsmoke Breakout
Neuronium - Torquemada
Tangerine Dream - Central Park
Mark Shreeve - Legion
Michel Huygen - Montreal First Stop
Tangerine Dream - Yellowstone Park
Mark Shreeve - The Stand

Talking Heads - ReMixed [1999]

Talking Heads - ReMixed [(P) 1999 (C) 2001] [MP3 320 kbps]
Format: CD, Compilation
Label: EMI
Catalog#: 7243 5 32569 2 0, 532 5692
Styles: Electronic, Rock, Leftfield, Electro, Indie Rock
The Lady Don't Mind (Extended Version)
Television Man (Extended Version)
And She Was (Extended Mix)
Wild Wild Life (Long E.T. Mix)
Love for Sale (Extended Mix)
Hey Now (Milwaukee Mix)
Radio Head (Extended Mix)
Blind (Extended Mix)
Nothing But Flowers (Lillywhite Mix)
Ruby Dear (Bush Mix)
Blind (Deaf Dub & Blind Mix)
Love for Sale (Love Dub)

Soundtrack - Rain Man (Hans Zimmer) [1989]

Hans Zimmer - Rain Man [1989] [MP3 320 kbps]
Format: CD, Album
Label: Capitol Records
Catalog#: CDP 7 91866 2
Styles: Electronic, Rock, Stage & Screen, Soundtrack, Pop, Downtempo
The Belle Stars - Iko Iko
Johnny Clegg & Savuke - Scatterlings of Africa
The Delta Rhythm Boys - Dry Bones
Etta James - At Last
Ian Gillan & Roger Glover - Lonely Avenue
Bananarama - Nathan Jones
Leaving Wallbrook / On the Road
Las Vegas / End Credits
Rob Wasserman & Aaron Neville - Stardust
Lou Christie - Beyond the Blue Horizon

Mandoki - Strangers in Paradise [1988]

Leslie Mandoki - Strangers in Paradise [1988] [MP3 320 kbps]
Format: CD, Album
Label: Titan
Catalog#: 577/2121-2
Styles: Synth-Pop
Mandoki - On Principle
Mandoki - Love Song
Mandoki - I Am Over You, Honey
Mandoki - Strangers in Paradise
Mandoki - We Need a Second Chance
Mandoki - Korea
Mandoki - Deadly Angel
Mandoki - We'll Fall in Love Again
Mandoki - I Wanna Get Back Home
Mandoki - Lost in Time

Infected Mushroom - Legend of the Black Shawarma [2009]

Infected Mushroom - Legend of the Black Shawarma [2009] [MP3 320 kbps]
Format: CD, Album
Label: HOM-Mega Productions
Catalog#: HMCD64
Styles: Electronic, Industrial, Psy-Trance, Experimental
Poquito Mas
End of the Road
Smashing the Opponent (Feat. Jonathan Davis)
Can't Stop
Herbert the Pervert
Killing Time (Feat. Perry Ferrell)
Project 100
The Legend of the Black Shawarma
Riders on the Storm (Infected Mushroom Remix)