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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

VA - Debüt LP / Zeitschrift Ausgabe 7 [1984]

VA - Debüt LP / Zeitschrift Ausgabe 7 [1984] [WV 326-338 kbps]
01-The Twins - Must Have Her Back
02-Icehouse - Sidewalk Snippets
03-Steve Levine - Waiting in Line
04-Falco - Ihre Tochter
05-The Icicle Work - Love Is a Wonderful Colour
06-Murray Head - Modern Boy
07-Modern English - Blue Waves
08-Orange Juice - Bridge
09-Bon Jovi - Get Ready
10-Siouxie & the Banshees - Bella Donna
11-Rock Steady Crew - Up Rock
12-Joy Rider - Prisoner of Your Love
13-Thirteen at Midnight - Skin Deep
14-Scott Walker - Track Three
15-Tik & Tok - Screen Me, I'm Yours
16-Mr. Mister - Hunters of the Night

4 komentarze:

Anonymous said...

Czesc Stary ,
co to za Format? Czym to odgrywac?
Sliczne dzieki za twoj wklad w ta pamiec dla tej zapomnianej juz muzy!!!!!!!!!

harleytexas said...

Why do the songs at the end of the album have such short track listings? Are they just part of the song?

Rambul said...

Tracks 11-16 are mixed in a big promo track presented as: "Anspieltips Diesmal Mit".
See for more details.

Rambul said...

WavPack is a Hybrid Lossless Audio Compression.
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To play this format you need to download plugin for your favourite player.
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