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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Soundtrack - No Retreat, No Surrender (Frank Harris) [1985]

Frank Harris - No Retreat, No Surrender [(P) 1985 (C) 2008] [MP3 128-211 kbps]
Format: CD, Album
Label: Frank Harris Music
Catalog#: n/a
Styles: Rock, Pop, Synth-Pop, Stage & Screen, Soundtrack
Hold on to the Vision (Remix '08)
Hold on to the Vision (Original '85)
Hold on to the Vision (Lionshare '87 Remix)
Hold on to the Vision (Instrumental)
Training Sequence (Remix '08)
Training Sequence (Original '85)
Opening Credits (Remix '08)
Opening Credits (Original '08)
Ask Me to Stay (Remix '08)
Ask Me to Stay (Original '85)
Bottle and a Song (Remix '08)
Disco Scene (Original '85)
Meeting with the Russians
Frank Harris and MJ Lallo - Bonus Tracks 1
Bonus Tracks 2
Bonus Tracks 3

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