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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Daniel Levi - Le Coeur Ouvert [2005]

Daniel Levi - Le Coeur Ouvert (2005) [MP3 192 kbps] rapidshare
L'amour Qu'il Faut
Je Meurs D'envie De Vous
La Peine De Vivre
Les Anges
La Douleur D'un Homme
Promets-moi d'être heureux
Tant Que Tu Es
Le Coeur Ouvert
Qui Pourrait Dire
Qui Je Suis
Quarante Et Quelque

3 komentarze:

Dj Tony said...

Thank you! To this blog. Why did you say has a "hard language" French is the language I love. Also this album .... I challenge anyone to find on the web!

Rambul said...

As an Italian You can say French is easy because these are very similar languages.:)

Dj Tony said...

You're right ... same as the German or Polish ... for an Italian is really difficult. However, Italian is the only language that is written as we speak, unlike other languages ... This is an advantage for us Italians