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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Secret Steps - Confidential [1985]

Secret Steps - Confidential (1985) [MP3 192 kbps]
Lie to Myself
Not Tonight
Going Nowhere Fast
Separate Ways
I Can't Wait Anymore
Don't Say a Word

2 komentarze:

Anonymous said...

Hey Rambul, it's 80zforever here. You are more than welcome to post any records I have posted. My intention is to shed some light on the obscure side of the 80s music. Surely there are many people who are not into torrents but into the blogs. So you're giving them a chance to explore the music here.

Thank you for your great blog and keep on rocking!


Rambul said...

Hey I'm glad you visited NRR and noticed this post. Thanks for your comment. I'll try to keep on rocking but my blog lost the impact. Most of the files are gone along with the one we're commenting on.
I'm the one who's not into torrents because my ISP blocks the ports. If I need something shared via p2p I have to ask my friend to download. And he's the one who discovered your great thread at piratebay. I have to say also that I used many tracks from your Rare Hits of 80s while compiling my Lost Hits Vol. 61 - 80. However I prepared Volumes 1 - 60 myself without knowledge of your compilations. Thank you for your p2p sharing. Keep on rocking as well!