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Thursday, October 21, 2010

VA - The Lost Hits Vol. 76 [2010]

V/A - The Lost Hits Vol. 76 [2010] [MP3 128-320 kbps]
Format: CD, Compilation
Label: NRRules Records
Catalog#: NRRLH76
Styles: Electronic, New Wave, Pop, Alternative, Minimal
Machinations - My Heart's on Fire
Sisley Ferre - Give Me Your Love (Remix)
Cerrone - The Real World
3D - Nearer
Balance - In for the Count
Tanh Chi - How Long Is a Day
Fatal Charm - I Am Calling
Section 25 - Crazy Wisdom
Latin Quarter - Radio Africa
The Dream Academy - Mercy Killing
Freur - Kiss Me
Sideway Look - Knowing You from Today
The Willesden Dodgers - Gunsmoke Breakout
Coldreams - Eyes
Venetians - So Much for Love
Final Academy - Night Cafe
He Said - Could You?

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