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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bolland & Bolland - Pop Art [1990]

Bolland & Bolland - Pop Art [1990] [MP3 320 kbps]
Pop Art
The Wall Came Tumbling Down
Music Nation
Charge of the Love Brigade
Love Mobile
Ultimate Addiction
Jenny B. Sweete
Pray for Me Tonight
Where Were You When the Light Went Out in My House

3 komentarze:

Juba.San said...

This file is corrupetd. The password works but only extracts tracks numbers 3-4-5-7-10 and 11. Then a WRONG PASSWORD warning pops up. But if it were ineed wrong, it wouldn't extract any of the files. Therefore, the file itself is compromissed. A re-upload is highly appreciated :)

Anonymous said...

I downloaded and there was no problem to unpack this rar file. It seems that Rambul fixed this file. Thanks man.

Juba.San said...

Gonna try again, then. I'd downloaded it twice and the same problem happened. But as you said, it might've been fixed by now.

Thanx for the heads up :)