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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Depeche Mode - On Solo Ways [2000]

Depeche Mode - On Solo Ways (2000) [MP3 192 kbps]
Dave Gahan - Dirty Alright Now
Dave Gahan - Take a Look at Me Now
Dave Gahan - For Joanne
Dave Gahan - Song for Europe
Dave Gahan - I Am You
Martin Lee Gore as French Look - New Baby
Martin Lee Gore - Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth
Martin Lee Gore - Coming Back to You
Alan Wilder - Treat Mill of Fire
Alan Wilder - Here to Have Fun
Alan Wilder - Chart Rundown
Alan Wilder as Daphne & the Tendersports - Disco Hell
Alan Wilder as Recoil - Postulate
Let's Get Together (An Interview with Dave Gahan in 1980)
Let's Get Together
Tommorrow's Dance (30.10.1980 Bridgehouse)
The Price of Love (07.11.1981 Sheffield)
Ghost of Modern Time (14.11.1981 Southendon Sea T.C)
I Like It (21.02.1982 Glasgow)
Television Set (25.03.1982 Hannover)

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