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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Thompson Twins - Into the Gap [1984]

Thompson Twins - Into the Gap [(P) 1984 (C) 2008] [MP3 320 kbps]
Format: 2 CD, Deluxe 2 CD Edition, Album
Label: Edsel Records
Catalog#: EDSD 2009
Styles: Electronic, Synth-Pop
Doctor! Doctor!
You Take Me Up
Day after Day
Sister of Mercy
No Peace for the Wicked
The Gap
Hold Me Now
Storm on the Sea
Who Can Stop the Rain
Leopard Ray [The Cassette Remixes]
Doctor! Doctor! [The Cassette Remixes]
Panic Station (Day after Day) [The Cassette Remixes]
Down Tools [The Cassette Remixes]
Hold Me Now [The Cassette Remixes]
Funeral Dance (No Peace for the Wicked) [The Cassette Remixes]
Compass Points (The Gap) [The Cassette Remixes]
Still Water (Storm on the Sea) [The Cassette Remixes]
You Take Me Up (Machines Take Me Over) [12'' Version]
Sister of Mersy [12'' Version]
Let Loving Start [12'' Version]
You Take Me Up (High Plains Mixer) [Us 12'' Remix]
Nurse Shark
Passion Planet
You Take Me Up [Instrumental Remix]
Out of the Gap [Megamix Extended Version]

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