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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Wild Blue - No More Jinx [1986]

Wild Blue - No More Jinx [(P) 1986 (C) 2009] [MP3 214-225 kbps]
Format: LP, Album
Label: Chrysalis
Catalog#: BFV-41510
Styles: Electronic, Pop, Rock, Pop Rock, Synth-Pop
Only You
Fire to Fire
Nowhere Left to Run
When I Think About You
Blue Daze
Give Me a Reason
Leather Blues
International Language of Dance

3 komentarze:

Mario said...

Good one, thanks for this beatiful jewels from the 80s, thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...


Kristi said...

Wow, I'm surprised to see this blog still up and running after all these years and after most others have shut down. I love this blog and it was partially responsible for my fascination with lost and forgotten 80s music.