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Sunday, May 31, 2015

That's all folks

Good News or Bad News: Which Do You Want First?

Let's start with bad one.

8 years of presenting music here is over. There won't be more posts.
I have no time for this way of sharing anymore.

I prepared a huge list of all download links from my blog (and many more [over 6400 items]) that should be for 99% alive.
It is available here.

I hope you enjoyed New Romantic Rules.

But there is no reason to cry, because I have a good news also.

I want to invite you all to join my application where I will continue my mission, but with new, modern equipment. I guarantee that you will like it.

See it in action:

Download it from here and unrar using my default blog password.

System requirements: at least Windows XP, but Windows 7 or newer is recommended.

To sign in to demo account, please use following login data:
Login: demo
Password: my default blog password

Meet me there,

15 komentarze:

Hingehead said...

Many thanks for your efforts over the years - so damn helpful in getting MP3s of my old vinyl. Can't thank you enough.

Machiventa said...

Sad, thanks for all your time and energy devoted to the best decade of all time! The app is looking pretty cool too!

Jaime Ochoa said...

Your work has educated many on the best era in music. Any prospeCT to takeep your app onto android?

PapayaSF said...

Thanks for rescuing so much old music!

Claudia said...

Firts, thank you for the new project. It was working great, but i'm trying to re-login since yesterday and i'm getting this message: Forbidden. You don't have permission to access this server. Please, could you help? Thanks.

Doug said...

Thanks for the great ride.All your efforts are deeply appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything!

saputraj said...

Thanks for everything.

I joined the new project and love it.

One question though: When downloaded an MP3 file, sometimes it is converted to MP4. Is this a bug? I'm using Windows 10. Thanks


I am trying to use the NRR Collection Explorer. My PC is running Windows XP so I have to change/add one registry setting. When I went to the force-ie8-mode-in-hta, it says "Get the source code for my Small Internet Explorer here: Small Internet Explorer" but that page states "Service Unavailable". Can you help with this? Iam interested in the new concept but can't really access it with this problem.

Anonymous said...

thank you for all you've done!

Avery Lilliard said...


furrball said...

Your sign-in information for the new app doesn't work. :(
Am I entering it wrong?

sven said...

Thanks for all the music sharing you have done through your NRR blog.

Is your new app limited to WindowsXP users exclusively, and therefore not available to Mac users?

Please let me know if there is a way for Mac OS (Mac Operating System) users to gain access to your new app.

Thank you.

lirong chen said...

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Anonymous said...

A few days ago the download function suddenly stopped working. a script error pops up . It says :Unable to get property rows of undefined or null reference.