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Rambul's Other Compilations

You can find here all unique stuff compiled by Rambul and published on NRR.
Here is a complete list
Can Actors Sing? [2008]
Check out here how these well recognizable actors sing.
The Best TV Themes [2008]
I collected here the best themes from TV series.
Lost Hits of 2008 [2009]
A lot of lost hits of 2008.
The Other Peoples Songs [2008]
Great compilation that presents covers of famous hits.
Various Movie Themes [2008]
Themes from dark movies + Rambul's disco mix of Arnold's voice.
New Synth-Pop Acts [2004]
Some obscure bands trying to play synth-pop.
NRRules Remixes [2008]
Rambul's attempts to remix 80s.
Opposition - Rightback (Bootleg) [2005]
Compilation of new, old and unheard songs.
Songs from the Big C-64 (Remixes) [2005]
New versions of Commodore 64 games' tunes.
This Is Not a Depeche Mode Song [2008]
Artists whose songs are similar to Depeche Mode style.