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      New Romantic Rules Stats

      How Can I Define My Blog?
      These statistics will do it for me.
      Release Formats:File Formats:
      CD (630)
      LP (55)
      MC (3)
      CD Single (63)
      12" Single (71)
      7" Single (7)
      MP3 (654)
      OGG (164)
      APE (8)
      FLAC (7)
      WMA (2)
      Bands / Artists:Styles:
      Depeche Mode (33)
      Muslimgauze (24)
      Camouflage (18)
      The Human League (10)
      Ultravox (9)
      a-ha (8)
      Killing Joke (7)
      Clan of Xymox (6) ABC (6)
      The Twins (6)
      Deine Lakaien (6)
      Icehouse (6)
      Synth-Pop (363)
      New Wave (189)
      Alternative Pop/Rock (146)
      New Romantic (115)
      Electronic (112)
      Rock (55)
      Industrial (51)
      Experimental (50)
      1975 (1)
      1977 (2)
      1978 (3)
      1979 (11)
      1980 (17)
      1981 (35)
      1982 (49)
      1983 (48)
      1984 (58)
      1985 (56)
      1986 (60)
      1987 (47)
      1988 (46)
      1989 (36)
      1990 (30)
      1991 (30)
      1992 (10)
      1993 (21)
      1994 (16)
      1995 (20)
      1996 (23)
      1997 (10)
      1998 (21)
      1999 (19)
      2000 (14)
      2001 (14)
      2002 (15)
      2003 (11)
      2004 (10)
      2005 (16)
      2006 (19)
      2007 (30)
      2008 (30)
      Five Months So Far and ±863 Posted Releases.
      As You Can See "New Romantic" is NOT Rules in this blog.
        (#) -> number of posts in each category

      I think it's time to stop NRR. No more posts. Bye everybody!


      Unknown said…
      This comment has been removed by the author.
      Unknown said…
      Fantastic blog. Definitely one of the best. Keep up the excellent work. Many thanks.
      Anonymous said…
      Thanks for all the hard work and the many excellent posts.The very best.
      illusion said…
      great blog!
      please,don't stop!
      Anonymous said…
      one of the best blogs indeed! i hope this is an april's fool lie and that you wont stop your posts! in any case thanks for all the great music you have offered through your blog :)
      HaLo said…
      this is one of the best blogs out there....
      Anonymous said…
      Sorry to read you've decided to stop the blog.

      Thanks for all the good music, and best for the future.
      RObert POland said…
      no i widzisz, Rambul ile komentów od razu się namnożylo? :)
      Mam nadzieję, że ta decyzja o zamknięciu bloga to tylko żart primaaprilisowy

      Anonymous said…
      please don't stop!
      this blog is soooo great!
      many thanx for all the great posts that you've much fantastic music...
      Luis Baptista said…
      Please, don`t stop, your blog is great, a lot of good cd and old things, thanks a lot.
      redo said…
      hi rambul , fantastic work ,your blog its great .
      spavid said…
      Love this blog, yes I do! I recently uploaded an LP by an obscure NR band from Canada called Tictoc. Vintage 1983! Check it out:

      tpot said…
      suspect it's an april fool's, but thanks for all the great music regardless.
      Anonymous said…
      Many thanks for all your posts. I hope it's an april fools prank. There are still some great albums out there and you are my only hope. :) said…
      Hoping that this is a joke and to see you again; I've only recently discovered your blog and have been loving it!
      Keb'n said…
      Please don't leave just as I've discovered you! This will be like when I was a kid and discovered Sonny & Cher. And then the got divorced!
      Anonymous said…
      Proszę Cię serdecznie, abyś nie zaprzestawał prowadzenia swego śWIETNEGO bloga. Tak niewiele zostało z ...tamtych lat...
      Proszę i pozdrawiam serdecznie.
      Anonymous said…
      your blog definitely rules...the best one out there, in my opinion for great eighties music.

      I am so glad that you are going to continue your work!