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      Rambul Is Back!!!

      Hello Again!!!
      If someone still need Tommi Stumpff - Zu Spät Ihr Scheißer [1982], it is here.

      Dear Marin or Martin of H2O. Please write (in comments of this post) the direct link to this release in my blog because I don't know which release it is.

      The last time I am saying:
      For posts with protected *.rar files where password in not mentioned use password: newromanticrules
      Is it clear?

      If there (in post) is no password mentioned and rar file is password protected You need to use password newromanticrules
      If it isn't work it means You screwed up something.
      If the rar archive You downloaded can't be opened it means it is corrupted. The only solution is downloading it again.