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      Request and Share Area

      As I receive mails and comments concerning music requests I decided to create this Request and Share Area. You can ask here for the music You're trying to find. Also You can help others to find something by posting links to requested albums. Let's start!


      Anonymous said…
      Hi there
      I am after a rip of a song called TURN UP THE BEAT and the B side, DREAMER. Released in 1985 under the name TINA. (Actually Tina Arena)

      I have the vinyl but not the technology to convert it...
      Anonymous said…
      Anonymous said…
      Hi there,

      I`m looking for a song called "Elia" from the early 80s...
      Unfortunately I don`t know exactly the artist...the name might be Tony Ires, might be an american musician...
      Is there anybody who knowes about this...maybe there is an album available...

      thanx in advance
      Anonymous said…
      I have fond memories of listening a lot to the disco vesion of Star Wars by Meco. I still have the Star Wars And Other Galactic funk album on cassette. It would make me extremely happy as a fan of star wars AND that record if it could be found somewhere. Or The Best of Meco would be equally satisfying!Love your site by the way!
      Anonymous said…
      Do you by any chance have White Feathers by Kajagoogoo?
      Anonymous said…
      Something I really MISS are the two fabulous albums by King. Steps in time and Bitter Sweet
      Anonymous said…
      hi there,

      iam searching for the band tilt!
      album: Aliens & Orgasms from 1993
      Anonymous said…
      I'd love to hear the Romeo Void first album, "It's a Condition" and the "Never Say Never" EP. Thanks for staying on! I found you only recently and I love it here!
      Anonymous said…
      I'm looking for Nick Heyward's first solo album, North of a Miracle. Any help would be ahhhhhhhhsum
      Anonymous said…
      Anonymous said…
      Thank you SOOOOOOO much anonymous for the MEco link! That made me SO happy!
      Anonymous said…
      Great site!!
      If anyone can help locate a very hard to find soundtrack called American Anthem, that would be great. I refuse to pay 70 bucks on ebay for that. Thanks for any help!
      Anonymous said…
      Has anyone got the Phil Oakey N Giorgio Moroder Album they did together? Would love to have the 2 King Albums as well if anyone can help.
      Keb'n said…
      I'm so glad you're staying. I'd even be happy with one or two new releases a week! I'm still way behind on listening to all the cool albums i've gotten from you.
      Anonymous said…
      A Phil Oakey Giorgio Moroder album:
      Is this what you are looking for?
      Anonymous said…

      The King albums ARE THERE!!!
      Anonymous said…
      For a long time I´m searching for CHILLIWACK - Opus X. Absolutely unable to find. Many many thanks for somebody who can find it !!!
      Anonymous said…
      I'm looking for
      Heaven 17: Bigger than America
      Heaven 17: Teddy, Bear & Psycho

      Anonymous said…
      Glass Tiger - The Thin Red Line
      Anonymous said…
      Thank you for the Oakey n Moroder album and the King ones.Found some other great albums there too
      Anonymous said…
      For many years I have been trying to hunt down a track called No Word From China by a guy I think called David James Holloway from circa 1985-6? This is not teh Australian band Pel Mel's song by the same title.
      Any assistance (even correcting the Artist's name) would be great.
      Anonymous said…
      Can someone tell me how many albums the Australian new romantic group "the expression" have? at the moment I have their selftitled album and the album 'consciene'.
      Is there more?

      And does the bnd 'Nine ways to win' got more album except for their selftitled one?

      Anonymous said…
      Hi Anonymous, The expression released only two LPs. Nine Ways to Win also released one LP, and what a pity. Their self-titled LP is just great. As a matter of fact, one of the band members contributed to a band called Minor Detail that released a self-titled LP in 1983. You might want to listen to it as it's very much Nine Ways Win-like material.

      A great kudos to Rambul for such a cool site and great choice of music. 80ZGuy
      Anonymous said…
      Thank you very much.
      Indeed a pity that both The Expression and Nine Ways To Win released that few of records. I love them very much.

      And thanks for the advice of Minor Detail. I'm going to listen to it asap.
      Anonymous said…
      By chance any idea where I can find the self-titled LP of "Minor Detail" ?

      Anonymous said…
      This one is too hard for you...
      I'm trying to find Amii Stewart's album "images". I think it was published in Europe only. But if you can help me, i'd appreciate that VERY MUCH.
      Anonymous said…
      Anonymous, I will up the link to Minor Detail here tonight. cheers
      Anonymous said…
      Thanks for the King links.... FANTASTIC!

      Has anyone got the new 2 disc sets of

      into the gap

      quickstep and sidekick

      by thompson twins

      thanks in advance
      webgrrlie said…

      My husband is desperately seeking the "Liquid Sky" soundtrack. Please contact me if you have it.
      Anonymous said…
      Band: Toasted Heretic
      Song: Another Day, Another Riot

      Year: 1991 (?)

      Awesome song! Please, if anyone can find it anywhere or has it!
      Rambul said…
      webgrrlie: That's gonna be a hot night as you'll excite your husband with the release he's looking for:
      webgrrlie said…
      Rambul, you are AMAZING. Thank you!!
      Anonymous said…
      Glad if someone could help me with Boogie Box High- Gave it all away song. :)
      Anonymous said…
      Anyone has the album "The Big Picture" by Al Corley? It was released in 1987.
      RObert POland said…
      Minor Detail był u Jacyka na blogu.

      Rambul, nie zauważyłeś, że parę requestów pisała jedna i ta sama osoba? Wciąż się pyta na różnych forach o te albumy, a wiele ich widziałem na blogach od iks czasu.
      Między innymi i te dwa albumy H17.:)


      Rambul said…
      Minor Detail is there:
      Rambul said…
      RObert POland said…
      BABEL 17 - SHADES
      znalazłem tutaj:
      RObert POland said…
      ku... coś link zjadło, ale jest na tym blogu
      Anonymous said…
      Ahoy !!
      Please Help Me !!!
      I'm looking for LP Industry "Stranger To Stranger" !!
      Do You know if it's possible to find links ?
      freewave said…
      Love to see a few of the EARLY Thrill Kill Kult releases. Pre-Confessions of a Knife if you can...
      Anonymous said…
      Hi you there!
      I'm desperately seeking for KIKI DEE's Another Day Comes... in any version.
      Can somebody help me?
      Thank you very many...
      Rambul said…
      Rob dzięki za linka do BABEL 17.

      Industry "Stranger To Stranger" was available at Ask for re-upload there.

      Wybacz Rob, że spędzam Ci desperatów na bloga.:) Nie mam tego albumu.
      RObert POland said…
      A propos tego tam powyżej, co pyta o najnowsze remastery Thompson Twins (2 CD z rarytasami)są na:

      linki na megaupload. Akurat ja jakoś nie mam problemu z tym serwerem (mam zainstalowany toolbar i zmieniam IP), jednak te bonusy nie są zachwycające - przynajmniej dla mnie. Takie sobie wersje ,,wydłużone", strony B itp.

      Ten album Industry też gdzieś się plącze na jakimś blogu, muszę tylko poszukać... niedawno widziałem (i nie mam na myśli swojego bloga :))
      Anonymous said…
      Cześć robert poland

      Dziękuję thompson twins

      Do widzenia, do zobaczenia

      my polish is not good

      Anonymous said…
      Hi, this is absolutely a great feature to a really great site this request zone, thanks!
      I´m looking for a greatest hits compilation with Soulsister. Any help here? Thanks anyway
      RObert POland said…
      Industry - Stranger to Stranger - new link in comments to Industry on my blog
      Anonymous said…
      Hey guys,

      some 80s essential albums

      Captain Sensible - The Power Of Love

      Captain Sensible - Women and Captains First

      H2O - Faith

      Blow Monkeys - Choices - The Singles Collection

      Have fun,

      Anonymous said…
      Im looking for Quarterflash - Back Into Blue(1985)& The Motels - Shock(1985)? Thanks
      Grimbeorn said…
      Nice, nice blog...!!!

      For years I'm trying to get a CD but nobody seems to have it. It is veeery rare. It's a CD from Dale (Dale Bozzio sister from Terry Bozzio of Missing Persons) "Riot in English".

      It's not a marvelous work but my cassette copy have the days counted. If you have it pls upload it for me. You'll help a MP fan a lot.


      Anonymous said…
      Looking for the following albums:

      Landscape - Landscape (1979)
      Heaven 17 - Teddy Bear, Duke & Psycho (1988)
      Japan - Obscure Alternatives (1978)
      Heaven 17 - Bigger Than America (1996)
      The Associates - Fourth Drawer Down (1981)
      The Associates - The Affectionate Punch (1980)
      Fiction Factory - Another Story (1985)
      New Musik - Anywhere (1981)
      New Musik - Warp (1982)
      Psuedo Echo - Love An Adventure (1985, the original Australian release)
      Shriekback - Sacred City (1992)
      RObert POland said…
      Landscape - Landscape 1979
      Anonymous said…
      Hello Robert Poland,

      maybe you want to tell apolloboy the "dwa albumy" H17 links?

      You know me
      RObert POland said…
      Teddy Bear, Duke & Psycho (1988) password:vvs

      Bigger Than America (1996) password:Rikken

      osobiście dziwi mnie, że ludzie jeszcze chcą słuchać takiego badziewia... ale jak ktoś lubi, to proszę bardzo.
      Anonymous said…
      hi there!

      i'm looking for a few memories of my 80s:

      anglia remix 12"
      funkmeister - wardance (blue regular 12")
      les anglaises - monotone 12"
      in parallel - reduced to tears 7"
      anne clark - the sitting room (later on) [b-side from our darkness 12"]
      sense - reasons for living
      simply red - money's too tight 12" (5:49)
      & the absolutely fantastic french tape-compilation
      "dreams & desires" from 1984

      thxalot 4 helping!!!
      rambul: many thx 4 your great blog & for the idea to cerate this area!
      Anonymous said…
      Thanks for those three albums, Robert! I've been looking for the Landscape for a long time but to no avail, until now.
      Anonymous said…
      dobry wieczór Robert,

      sorry, that apolloboy and i have such a "shit" music taste, but you made us happy. We love you.
      dziekuje bardzo
      Anonymous said…
      We don't have shitty tastes, Dziekuje, we have awesome tastes. =)
      Anonymous said…
      And some more albums that I missed:

      Kissing the Pink - Naked (1983, with the ORIGINAL version of Big Man Restless, not that remix I keep finding)

      Our Daughter's Wedding - Moving Windows (1982)
      Our Daughter's Wedding - Digital Cowboy Record EP (1981)
      Re-Flex - The Politics of Dancing (1983)
      Wall of Voodoo - Happy Planet (1987)
      Blue Peter - Falling (1983)
      Blue Peter - Radio Silence (1980)
      Blue Peter - Vertigo (1984)
      Blancmange - Believe You Me (1985)
      Blue Peter - Test Patterns for Living EP (1979)
      Phaota said…
      If you are looking for 80s music, anything between 80 and 89, e-mail me at I am a massive collector of songs from that era. Though I do not normally save full albums, I collect the best tunes from them. Anyway, write to see if I might have what you seek. Bye for now.
      Anonymous said…
      Scratch KTP, I already found it. Everything else I'm still looking for.
      Anonymous said…
      Hi, Somebody knows Figures on a beach albums
      Anonymous said…
      For a long time Im searching for:

      Neil Arthur (ex-Blancmange) solo albums.
      Ivan Doroschuk (ex-Men Without Hats) solo albums.
      Bill Nelson – Atom Shop; What Now? What Next?
      Shriekback – Naked Apes & Pond life.
      Paul Haig (ex-Josef K) solo albums.
      Anonymous said…
      Hi NewRomanticRules, excellent blog
      I am trying to find two songs I've heard on boomp3
      I'm gonna give you the links because I want to know what's the song name and band or performer's name so I can search them on the net
      The first mistery song got the name Julia or Julea on the lyrics

      The second mistery song have similar style as Clan Of Xymox
      I hope you could help me Rambul, thanks in advance
      Anonymous said…
      Many thanks for fine music. With greater respect from Russia.
      Jenny said…
      There are many I've been looking for many years now:

      - Blue Oil (s/t 1985)
      - Rock & Hyde - Under the Volcano (1986)
      - Sideway Look (s/t 1985)
      - Jon St. James - Trans-Atlantic (1985)
      - One to One - Forward Your Emtions (1985)

      Thank you!!!!!!
      Anonymous said…
      There is an awesome Jon St James song (The Girl Who Seduced The World)on Hardest Hits Vol 1, which can be found here:
      I have yet to see the album Trans-Atlantic or the single "Oogity Boogity" anywhere.
      Check out the song lists on the Hardest Hits collection, many rare New Wave extended mixes can be found on them...
      Anonymous said…
      Anon, did you even bother to read the scrolling notice on the front page?

      Besides, a lot of the stuff posted here is long out of print anyway.
      Anonymous said…
      Hi Rambul, I have most of the stuff that are being requested here, but I don't want to provide a link to them. I think this is your blog and you do heck of a lot to maintain it and post some gems. So, as time permits, I will send you the links directly and you can post them here.

      Anonymous said…
      Anyone have any Human League Live bootlegs?

      Thank you
      Anonymous said…
      Your site is awesome. It is reminding me of many songs that I haven't heard in years. I would love to listen to the Db's "Like This" album again. Haven't heard it since I played college radio and forget finding it for purchase in a medium that I can play!
      Rambul said…
      To Apolloboy:

      To anonymous: I know Hardest Hits Compilation.

      To anonymous who asked about songs from boomp3: I know 1st song but can't remember what band plays it - I'll keep thinking about it. The second one seems to be more difficult. It's more like Killing Joke not Clan of Xymox.
      Anonymous said…
      Rambul, thanks for your time and quick response, I hope you have that songs on your blog in the near future.
      Thanks again and I'm really pleased that you read my post
      Anonymous who asked about songs from boomp3
      Spencer said…
      great blog !!!!

      could someone up re-flex politics of dancing ?
      also vice versa (pre abc)
      and anyone remember the bloomsbury set (produced by duran duran ?

      thanks !
      Anonymous said…
      The Politics of Dancing is linked above. In fact, it's actually on this very blog.
      Spencer said…
      yeah but the files are in this .ogg format and wont transer using switch or any other program.....
      Anonymous said…
      hey Rambul great site. keep it up. do u have Rockwell 1st, 2nd & 3rd cd? Somebodys Watching, He's a Cobra etc? thanks
      Anonymous said…
      Does anyone know where I can get mp3 files of the 1970s soul funk band Moon?
      They released 2 albums - 'Turning the tides' and 'Too close for comfort'. I have them both on worn-out cassette but can't find anything of theirs on the web.
      Anonymous said…
      Free download of NEW MUSIK albums available here

      (site is on russian)
      Anonymous said…
      Can You Help Me ???
      I'm Looking for " Sobrietas " Lp
      by AD VISSER , Dutch DiscoPop Man of '80 !!!
      Where can I find it to link ?
      PLEASE !!!
      From Italy (Florence)with Love !!!
      Thanks so much !!!
      Anonymous said…
      Can anyone please help find a soundtrack called American Anthem. Its so hard to find and OOP. Thank you!
      Anonymous said…
      Is it possible to link new " Edit " Mark Stewart's Album ?
      Do you know where ?
      artomo said…
      Hi,Rambul!.Excuse me my english isn't very good.I've found many many amazing things here since i discovered this blog on 12.31.07 (great way to start a new year).I've got a computer for 7 months and have found almost everything i wanted.There are only a few albums i've not found as:In The Nursery-Stormhorse and à;Grumh...-Rebirth.If you can help me that would be very nice!...
      Suzy Andrews said…
      Great site you have here,
      Heres the Moev Single
      [URL=]02. orbituary column.mp3 - 5.02MB[/URL] and here are some tracks from the Breathless album,i´m missing one and two ,sorry,Mikeyten.

      [URL=]brethless.rar - 35.35MB[/URL]
      Anonymous said…
      Anonymous said…
      Anybody know where I could get hold of he syperb album "Recurring Dreams" by The Europeans (with Steve Hogarth who is now in Marillion)
      Rambul said…
      Thanks for Breathless, Mikeyten. After I listened to these m4a samples I decided to find an used CD and simply buy it. Unfortunately buying secondhand CD doesn't mean supporting the artists. I mean that resellers, in the name of the law [because they sell used but original CD], make profits evading the purse of artists. But maybe I'm wrong?
      Anonymous said…
      Did anyone ever find the 'North Of A Miracle' album (Nick Heyward)?

      dvdjamm said…
      My request is for the League Unlimited Orchestra and the Phillip Oakey/Giorgio Moroder CDs....Thanks
      Rambul said…

      Can't You use search engine?

      Oakey/Moroder is already mentioned in comments to this post. Too much to read?
      Suzy Andrews said…
      Nick Heyward, North Of A Miracle,

      [URL=]nick heyward.rar - 66.01MB[/URL].
      McDoC said…
      Hi NRRulers! Does anyone know where i can find the 12" Mix of PM's "Piece of Paradise"? If, there is one that exists. PM is the group of Peter Meyer. I Think it was released in 1988. Thanks.
      Anonymous said…
      hi there,
      iam searching for Tilt! albums.

      Anonymous said…
      just wanted to say thanks for the Nick Heyward. Really appreciate it -
      Anonymous said…
      Hello :)

      I am looking for the second album of Pseudo Echo, „Love an Adventure”. The one posted here is some kind of a compilation released in 1987 in Germany and Europe :/. The tracklisting of the original album is different:

      1 Love An Adventure (4:14)
      2 Don't Go (3:53)
      3 Try (4:16)
      4 I Will Be You (5:26)
      5 Girl (3:14)
      6 Living In A Dream (3:24)
      7 I Ask You Why (3:52)
      8 Lonely Without You (4:33)
      9 Lies Are Nothing (3:55)
      10 Tell Me (3:14)

      You can check this here:

      Here is info about release posted on Your blog:

      Thank You for all the posts about Pseudo Echo :). I didn’t expected to find them somewhere and hear again those beautiful tunes :). But their second and third album (“Race” from 1989) are almost impossible to find. This release of “Love an Adventure” with additional different tracks is much more common, and the original album is forgotten :/. I hope that someone still has that forgotten classic in his collection :). Thanks in advance!

      webgrrlie said…
      First, you are all AWESOME! I have found some absolute gems via this site. Special thanks to Rambul :)

      I'm looking for something that I'm not certain even exists: the soundtrack for the Val Kilmer movie "Real Genius". I've looked for it on Amazon and so forth, and like I said, I don't think it exists as an official soundtrack. I just want the music from the movie!

      Can anyone help??
      RObert POland said…
      RObert POland said…
      PS. sądzę, że ,,oryginalny soundtrack" do Real Genius (czyli muzyka skomponowana przez Thomas`a Newman`a ) nie została wydana na płycie. Dziwię się, że parę nagrań wciska się niejako na siłę, nawet takie, których w filmie nie było!
      I nie dotyczy to tylko muzyki do Real Genius.

      Thomas Newman/Real Genius on CD not exist (I think)
      Anonymous said…
      Here ya go....Rea was never a real soundtrack, this is the only collection I have ever seen in years. Hope it works for you:

      Can anyone help me find the OST for "American Anthem"? Please.
      webgrrlie said…
      Once again, you guys cam through for me!! I hope that someday, I'll be able to do the same for you :) (Everyone seems to want things I don't have!)
      Admin said…
      Hey, people out there!
      I'm triying to find the first record
      of Rheingold (the self titled album)
      I've found all but this from this band, and it's a pity!.
      RObert POland said…
      Rheingold full discography incl. 1st album was here:
      Grooover said…
      Someone was after Human League bootlegs. Go to the Black Hits Of Space site for everything League related. There is a bootleg tab.

      Someone requested Paul Haig. I have the Rhythm Of Life album if you are after this one let me know. Its the cd reissue which also has the remix album with it. I have both on vinyl as well.

      Great blog by the way.
      Anonymous said…
      Hi,Im looking for Partland Brothers Electric Honey(1986) featuring the hit Soul City & Karla Devito - Wake Em Up In Tokyo(1986)she had a song on The Breakfast Club
      soundtrack the year before. Thanks
      Anonymous said…
      help me,i found B.E.F."Music for Listening"cd (Originally entited Music For Stowaways LP)
      McDoC said…
      Hey Anom,

      Regarding your Pseudo Echo wishlist, you can find the RACE album featured here at this wonderful site about P.E.:

      It's put up by David, Linda and Miranda from their Yahoo groups.
      Nice news/info about the group plus some rare acoustic versions from TV appearances by Brian Canham.

      As for the Australian release of the second LP... well you have to pray that i find out how to upload this stuff... So hang on... this will be my first upload if ever.
      Anonymous said…
      Hello!! I'm looking for the extended version of I Start Counting - My Translucent Hands. Anyone know of a link for this song? Thank you! Rick
      Anonymous said…
      Looking for an album called Future Boy by the artist Cicero, looked everywhere for this one.
      Anonymous said…
      Ciao,I'm looking for B.E.F."Music for Listening"cd (Originally entited Music For Stowaways LP),thank you.
      Anonymous said…
      Anybody know the band Love Jungle? If anyone has their album please post it here
      Anonymous said…
      B.E.F - Music For Listening
      Anonymous said… ....file not found,help me.
      Anonymous said…
      Hi dose anyone have Terry Hall albums Home And Laugh to share please.cheers Mikeyten
      Anonymous said…
      I try again.... can anyone help me get Amii Stewart's "Images" album?
      I'd be very greatful!
      Anonymous said…
      Looking for
      Propaganda: Valley of the machine gods (4 mixes)

      Grooover said…
      Paul Haig
      Rhythm Of Life
      Original album and remixes.
      Anonymous said…
      bingbong - Thank You very much for the Pseudo Echo :D. I've never thought that I will finally find it! Thanks!
      Anonymous said…
      I am also looking for the Real Life rare records, I think they are as good as Pseudo Echo :). Lately I've discovered that Real Life released in 1986 a single and LP (“Babies”, and some kind of compilation with few new tracks called "Down Comes The Hammer"). Maybe someone has this gems in his collection and can help? It would be great to complete the b-sides from other regular singles of Real Life, as far as I know they didn’t released them in any other form than vinyl singles :/.

      Rambul – Thanks for every release that You’ve posted from Real Life discography :). Thanks for Section 25. They are forgotten, and underrated! And also hard to get! :)


      fikarc said…
      hi everyone
      can anybody give me a link to download kirlian camera (any album except coroners sun)
      McDoC said…
      To Anon,

      You're welcome. Just remember, Rambul's REQUEST AND SHARE AREA made it happen!!!
      Anonymous said…
      Does anyone know where I can get the album "In Time" by A View From The Hill?
      Anonymous said…
      PLEASE HELP ME !!!
      I'm looking for AD VISSER " Sobrietas " 1982 lp of this bizarre Dutch Man !!!
      Can you say me Where it's possible to find a link !!!
      KISSS from ITALY !!!
      Anonymous said…
      THANK YOU RAMBUL for the motherload of all 80's music. Thanks to you, I have rediscovered so much music from my youth.

      I have one request.. not exactly 80's I afraid. I would love to find the CONTROL maxi single from Traci Lord. I believe it has 5 or 6 mixes of the said CONTROL track from her first album. Many, Many Thanks.
      Anonymous said…
      PLease Help me !!!
      I'm looking for AD VISSER "Sobrietas" lp 1983 , can you say where's possible to find a link ??
      Kisss from Italy
      Anonymous said…
      Hello, Great blog!!!
      looking for the band "a small good thing" album cool cool water (EP?).
      My copy of the CD had a defect on it, it played fine when i first got it but over the years it wont play in any cd player or cd drive.
      The disk is clean and scratch free but i can't extract it to make a back up.
      All searches have come up snake eyes.
      chris fish said…

      Cicero - Future Boy:

      Immersion - Oscillating:

      (I also have the "Full Immersion" remix CD)

      B.E.F. - Music For Listening To:

      Have fun!
      Anonymous said…
      Wonderfull work,

      Anyone knows a music from 82 or 83 named U.F.O. ?

      This song had the DEVO style, but I think that not a DEVO song.

      Anyone knows ?

      BUMMER -
      Anonymous said…
      Hello -

      Looking for Anything by Bostons Sex Execs.
      jcax2 said…

      I've been looking for an album called "Dreamhome Heartaches", a tribute to Roxy Music. And I can found it, even to buy it! Does anybody had it? Thanks in Advance!

      Great great great Blog!
      Anonymous said…
      I am looking for the early french coldwave band leitmotiv. All I am comeing up with is the english post-punk and later new age classical bands. I want to hear some from the band that was on the transmissions cold wave comp. . Thnx

      Anonymous said…
      Does anybody have Hole In My Shoe by Neil.It was a comedy record in the uk in the 80s.Havent heard it since my school years.Thanks to anyone who can find it
      Anonymous said…
      hi ya,

      looking for albums from hunting lodge.
      Anonymous said…
      Pete Shelley, XL1? I actually have it on CD, but can't find it...I am aching to hear Telephone Operator (dub) (that 13 minute track at the end) like RIGHT NOW!!!1! Please.
      Anonymous said…
      who ever was looking for AMERICAN ANTHEM soundtrack it is ,it was on this blog site ..but as stated its THE score music for the film (not the various artist version ) looks like link is still active!! 15 tracks ...hope this helps .................. ...enjoy.. signed ''SOUNDTRACK FAN
      Alex said…
      This blog is just great.

      This albums (all of it) can't be bought officialy in my country (Serbia).

      I am looking for:

      - some good compilatiom of Paul Young (preferably From Time to Time: The Singles Collection from 1991 or similar)
      - OMD albums: Architecture & Morality
      and Dazzle Ship (there is new remastered version)
      - The Best of Thomas Dolby: Retrospectable
      - John Foxx - Metamathics

      also would be nice to find regular (not remixed) version of Inner City's Paradise (remixed album is on this blog)

      We'll be in touch, keep up the good work
      Anonymous said…
      Im looking for the solo album by The Motels lead singer Martha Davis called Policy from 1987? Thanks!
      Anonymous said…
      Has anyone got the David Cassidy - Romance album from 1985? Thanks
      Anonymous said…
      If anyone has this CD single:

      Cicero with Sylvia Mason-James - Live For Today - CIOCD7 - 1992

      1) Live For Today
      2) Live For Today (Gospel Mix)
      3) Street Life
      4) Live For Today (Club Mix)

      I'd very much appreciate it! Thanks
      Anonymous said…
      Revised wishlist:

      *Kissing The Pink - What Noise? (1984)
      *Blue Peter - Radio Silence (1980)
      *Blue Peter - Test Patterns for Living (1979)
      *Shriekback - Sacred City (1992)
      *Kissing The Pink - Sugarland (1993)
      *Our Daughter's Wedding - Moving Windows (1982)
      *Our Daughter's Wedding - Digital Cowboy Record EP (1981)
      *Japan - Obscure Alternatives (1978)
      *The Associates - Fourth Drawer Down (1981)
      *The Associates - The Affectionate Punch (1980)
      *Fiction Factory - Another Story (1985)
      *Schnell Fenster - OK Alright A Huh Oh Yeah (1991)
      *Icehouse - Code Blue (1990)
      *Howard Jones - In The Running (1992)
      *Howard Jones - People (1998)
      *Furniture - Food, Sex and Paranoia (1989)
      *Fad Gadget - Fireside Favourites (1980)
      *Wire - Manscape (1990)
      *The The - Mind Bomb (1989)

      Anonymous said…
      Belouis Some Album Imagination. Any ideas where Ill find a copy?Tried everywhere and no ones admitting to having it !!
      Anonymous said…
      I'd happily sell off the missus' Smiths collection for Keith Leblanc's "Time Traveller".

      Loving your work !
      Anonymous said…
      I'm looking for Eternal Triangle's "Touch and Let Go" album on Situation Two from 1984. Great blog. Thanks.
      Unknown said…

      I am selling my rare obscure vinyl from the 80's. Please email me at

      I will sell it cheap under one condition. You rip it & share it here in this REQUEST AND SHARE AREA.

      I would do it myself but I have no time. I'm located in Los Angeles, CA. USA. You pay shipping.

      Interested? Email me now...
      Anonymous said…
      Anyone got Jan Hammer's "Escape From Television" lying around their harddrive?
      Anonymous said…
      Human League Live tracks anyone, they seem to be hard to find, if anyone could let me know where I can get them from please?
      Anonymous said…
      Hi, I'm looking for a song of STYLE - Run For Your Life from 1987, a CD or the album. Anyone can help?
      Anonymous said…
      Anybody know the band Coconut Rough from New Zealand? They had this single 'Siera Leone" in 1983, but that's all I can find from them on the internet.
      So, do they have an LP? And if yes, where can I find it?

      Thank you very much =)
      Anonymous said…
      I am looking for Bad Boys Blue albums, especially "Love is no Crime" and "My Blue World". I would appreciate it, if someone could share them here. I discovered the band few days ago, and can't find their regular albums anywhere :/. Rambul - thanks for "Heartbeat" :).
      Anonymous said…
      looking for anything from Holly & the Italians rapidshare cool, thanks in advance:)
      Anonymous said…

      i got a full stuff from the 90s

      if you want :

      my mail:
      RObert POland said…
      to apolloboy:

      Japan - Obscure Alternatives

      ROb (robartopoland.blogspot)
      McDoC said…
      Hi. I'm looking for the "Ghost of Time" CD by Iva Davies (Icehouse). It was released for the Millenium Celebration in Sydney. It has the following tracks:
      1. Great Southern Land (2000)
      2. Walk Alone
      3. Endless Ocean
      4. The Ghost Of Time

      Your help will be deeply appreciated. Thanks.
      Maybe you gonna hate me for this but i just love the old breakdance muzak. "Street Dance" and such and i am looking for BAOBAB songs for years now... Can anyone help?
      webgrrlie said…
      this isn't exactly "new romantic", or old for that matter, but does anyone happen to have a link for I Monster's "Neveroddoreven"?
      RObert POland said…
      I Monster - Neveroddoreven

      I know, megaupload have limits, i found this link:

      but better (new link:)):

      Anonymous said…
      Anyone happen to have "The Other Ones" from 87 or so with "Holiday" and "We are What We Are"? I'd love to hear the rest of the tracks from that album. Cheers! Dan in Seattle
      Anonymous said…
      Our Daughter's Wedding - Moving Windows
      DeeKay said…
      Hey man

      love the 80's and your blog! :)

      My request: I'm desperately, desperately looking for the 2 albums by [url=]Jon St. James[/url] Trans-Atlantic & Fast Impressions plus the single Fire by SSQ and any remixes of SSQ songs from back then.

      Thank you very much :)
      Anonymous said…

      You can find an extended ^ minute disco version of our track Monotone here:

      Valerie Steele - Les Anglaises
      Anonymous said…
      Hello everybody,
      at first I've to say that this is a very cool blog !!!
      Can anybody help me to find the LP "Purge An Urge" from the band "oto" ??
      Would be nice and great.
      Thank you in advance !!
      DeeKay said…
      Hi I got another request:

      All "The Nails" albums, especially Mood Swing.
      Others are Dangerous Dreams and Corpus Christi.
      Anonymous said…
      Madly in search of Figures on a Beach's self titled 1989 album, any help is much appreciated!
      Anonymous said…
      does anyone have a vinyl rip of the star sisters 1985 album "danger"?.

      I dont want to resort to buying the album on itunes with a rubbish bitrate of 128.

      many thanks

      artomo said…
      Can anybody help me to find the LP "Victoria 2000" and the extended version from band: Nach Und Nebel,please?.

      Many thanks in advance!.
      funkyfever said…
      hello who can help me with my wanted list???

      One To One - (1988) - "1-2-3" LP
      Meri D - (1987) On Y Vas LP
      Patty Brard - (1985) - You´re In The Pocket LP
      Patty Brard - (1986) - Red Light LP
      The Dugite - (1984) - Cut the talking LP
      Toni Basil - (1983) - Toni Basil LP

      Thk For Help me
      Anonymous said…
      searching for:

      Wire - Manscape (1990)

      Wire - The Drill (1991)

      DeeKay said…
      Looking for "The Innocents" album from 1982.

      Here's the great song "Directly from the Heart"
      Tracy said…
      Giallokiller, I'm also desperately searching for that Innocents album. If you find it, email me, please? My email is Thank you!

      Also, anyone who wants to can check out my blog at livejournal -- the journal is at tracytennant. Feel free to snag anything that's uploaded already, and/or make requests!

      Tracy said…
      Here's a link to the Quarterflash "Back Into Blue" album that someone requested!

      DeeKay said…

      Alright, hope you do the same for me if you're the first to find it :) Just holla here.

      Another request, this time:

      Erotic Dissidents - Naked Angel (1989)

      Tracy said…
      Giallokiller, I've managed to track down seven of the songs on the Innocents' album. I'm still missing "Twisted Kiss," "Without Time," and "You Gotta Cry" -- but at least having some of them is better than none! Here's the link to them:

      Hope that helps!

      Anonymous said…
      Hey, I'vve been searching for these album, can somebody help? Thanks
      1. Howard Jones (One To One)
      2. Brother Beyond (Get Even)
      3. Brother Beyond (Be My Twin)
      Anonymous said…
      Jon St James fans, "Trans-Atlantic" has been found at Timecapsule:

      Enjoy! (I know I am...)
      Unknown said…
      Hey there
      I would be grateful if someone can upload these albums :
      Howard Jones - One To One
      Mo - selftitled
      Jay Graydon - Airplay For The Planet

      thank you all
      Tracy said…
      I have a list of stuff I'm looking for -- can anybody help, please?

      Roger Voudouris - Radio Dream
      Walk the West - s/t
      Ellen Shipley - Breaking Through the Ice Age
      Dave Adams - Dancing in My Sleep
      Desmond Child & Rouge - s/t
      Wild Blue - No More Jinx
      The Breaks - s/t
      Boy Meets Girl - s/t
      Dale - Riot in English
      Ali Thomson - Take A Little Rhythm
      Face To Face - s/t
      Voice of the Beehive - Honey Lingers

      Many, many thanks to anybody who can help me find these!

      DeeKay said…
      @the one that posted Trans-Atlantic

      Thanks a billion times, dude!


      Do you mean the Face To Face band with Laurie Sargent? In that case I got link for you

      I hope it still works.
      DeeKay said…
      Here's the single Take A Little Rhythm by Ali Thomson:
      Tracy said…
      Giallokiller, that would be the one! I snagged a used copy of their second album Confrontation on cd, but I've never been able to replace my original vinyl copy of the first one. The link does indeed work, thank you so much! And thank you for the Ali single. There's another Ali Thomson album I'm looking for too, called Deception Is An Art, but that one seems to be one of those "great lost albums."

      Don Atealgo said…
      Howard Jones - One to one

      Here is the album:

      Don Atealgo said…
      Hello webmaster, here you have a song that you are looking for:

      Binary The Meaning (12")

      Anonymous said…
      Here is a link for the Ali Thomson St album (vinyl)
      Tracy said…
      Thanks, Anonymous! I really appreciate the help! :)

      Anonymous said…
      I have been looking for Marc Almonds A virgin Tale Vol I & II II is the better of the two in my opinion. Any help would be appreciated.
      Anonymous said…
      Hi, I'm looking for Peter Godwin's "Images of Heaven: The Best of Peter Godwin" (1998 compilation, featuring his greatest hits and three new songs). Could anybody help? All the best - Adam X
      Anonymous said…
      I'd like to second a request for Romeo Void's debut CD "It's A Condition" as well as their follow-up EP "Never Say Never". Both were initially released on vinyl and cassette, but for whatever reason neither has been re-released on CD. Too bad, as both were classics and are far superior to Romeo Void's subsequent output.

      Hope someone sees this and can provide download links.

      Anonymous said…
      Looking for the feature-length video of Depeche Mode's "Devotional". Found one, but each song is its own avi (not what I want).

      Merry Christmas!
      Anonymous said…
      Hi, pugomyheart, here's the link for you:

      Cheers, Adam X
      Jbw said…
      Hi there -

      Can someone please re-post Nick Heyward's "North Of A Miracle"? I love this album and never had the remastered version with 17 tracks.

      Thank you so much.
      Lotrimo said…
      For the person looking for the Associates' Fourth Drawer Down --Go here:

      Cheers. :-)
      Anonymous said…
      Hi all! I'm searching for a single by an 80s band called "Aviator". The song is a Bob Dylan cover "Lay down your weary tune". Thanks for your help in advance
      g4james said…
      Echoing request for 'Down Comes The Hammer' from Real Life. The versions of Flame and Angel are found nowhere else! I have the vinyl but not able to transfer or post. Anyone???
      fobeeA said…
      This comment has been removed by the author.
      fobeeA said…
      I previously posted this comment as anonymous becasue I did not remebr my log in info

      "I have been looking for Marc Almonds A virgin Tale Vol I & II II is the better of the two in my opinion. Any help would be appreciated."

      does any one have this and will to share anyone who is into Marc knows its a classic collection that I cant bare to go with out. (insert exit music)
      Anonymous said…
      Hello ! Here is Sean Heyden - Party Boy:
      Anonymous said…
      Does anyone know where I can find "We Are What We Are" by The Other Ones? Would love to hear their album. I saw there's an earlier post requesting them too... Also any Dugites... (saw someone's already put out a request for them too!). Thanks!
      Oh and Anita Dobson's 1987 Talking of Love album. Cheesy I know! But I LOVED the title track!
      oigreS said…

      you may find things of your interest in here

      thanks for your blog.
      Anonymous said…
      Does anyone know where to get the Tangerine Dream - Legend soundtrack? I'd love to buy it on iTunes but its not there. I NEEEEED it in my life and have been stuck listening to a youtube playlist of the songs. ;)
      Tom N
      Anonymous said…
      I'm searching since years for a single (also released as 7') of a band called "Aviator". The track: "Lay down your weary tune", this single was released in 1978. If anyone could help me - that would be great. Thanks in advance!
      Anonymous said…
      Nick Heyward:
      Here you find almost everything:
      Bathala said…
      does anyone have a link to the song "drive my car", a remake of the beatles by the breakfast club?
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