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      Pleasure and the Beast - Dr. Sex [1984]

      Artist Pleasure and the Beast TitleDr. Sex Released 1984 TypeSingle FormatVinyl, 12", EP, 45 RPM LabelMetropolis Records (5), Carrere Catalog#CART 276 CountryUK Rating GenresElectronic
      Funk / Soul
      Download Title/ArtistTimeA1Dr. Sex (Extended Version) Pleasure and the Beast 5:52A2Snake Pleasure and the Beast 5:04B1The Creep Pleasure and the Beast 4:02B2Rock the House Pleasure and the Beast 6:38B3Hymn Pleasure and the Beast 1:54

      ZaZa - Zauberstab [1982]

      Artist ZaZa TitleZauberstab Released 1982 TypeAlbum FormatVinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Single LabelBlow Up Catalog#INT 110.509 CountryGermany Rating GenresElectronic
      StylesNew Wave
      Download Title/ArtistTime1Tango D'elite ZaZa 5:292Caprifischer ZaZa 4:503Die Seltsame Reise ZaZa 3:544Licht Von Kairo ZaZa 6:005Zauberstab ZaZa 3:586Dschungel Liebe ZaZa 6:567Joker Zaza 2:108Vorbei Ist Vorbei Zaza 10:31

      Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Do Anything You Wanna Do [1986]

      Artist Manfred Mann's Earth Band TitleDo Anything You Wanna Do Released 1986 TypeSingle FormatVinyl, 7", Single, 45 RPM Label10 Records Catalog#107 979, 107 979-100 CountryEurope Rating GenresRock
      StylesPop Rock
      Download Title/ArtistTimeADo Anything You Wanna Do Manfred Mann's Earth Band 3:59BCrossfire Manfred Mann's Earth Band 3:43

      Den Harrow - Overpower [1985]

      Artist Den Harrow TitleOverpower Released℗ 1985 © 1986 TypeAlbum FormatCD, Album LabelBaby Records, Ariola Catalog#610 585-222 CountryGermany Rating GenresElectronic
      Download Title/ArtistTime1Bad Boy Den Harrow 4:172Overpower Den Harrow 4:183Future Brain Den Harrow 4:114Make Ends Meet Den Harrow 3:105Mad Desire Den Harrow 4:086Charleston Den Harrow 4:507Feedback Den Harrow 4:108Jade (I Wanna Be There) Den Harrow 4:569Broken Radio Den Harrow 4:45

      Xena - On the Upside [1983]

      Artist Xena TitleOn the Upside Released 1983 TypeSingle FormatVinyl, 12" LabelBlackout Catalog#BXD 015 CountryCanada Rating GenresElectronic
      Download Title/ArtistTimeAOn the Upside (The Northside Mix) Xena 6:45B1On the Upside (Vocal) Xena 5:50B2On the Upside (Dub Version) Xena 5:22

      Toni Basil - Over My Head [1983]

      Artist Toni Basil TitleOver My Head Released 1983 TypeSingle FormatVinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM LabelChrysalis Catalog#4V9 42754 CountryUS Rating GenresRock
      StylesNew Wave
      Download Title/ArtistTimeAOver My Head (Special Extended Remix) Toni Basil 5:01BOver My Head (Instrumental) Toni Basil 3:37

      Trance Dance - Do the Dance [1986]

      Artist Trance Dance TitleDo the Dance Released 1986 TypeSingle FormatVinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM LabelEpic Catalog#49 06746 CountryUS Rating GenresElectronic
      Download Title/ArtistTimeADo the Dance (Do the Mix) Trance Dance 7:02B1Do the Dance (Dub) Trance Dance 7:47B2Do the Dance (Percapella) Trance Dance 4:09

      Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule the World [1985]

      Artist Tears for Fears TitleEverybody Wants to Rule the World Released 1985 TypeSingle FormatVinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Single LabelMercury Catalog#IDEA 912 CountryUK Rating GenresElectronic
      Download Title/ArtistTime AEverybody Wants to Rule the World (Extended Version) Tears for Fears 5:43 B1Everybody Wants to Rule the World (7'' Version) Tears for Fears 4:12 B2Pharaohs Tears for Fears 3:44

      Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls (The Shep Pettibone Mastermix) [1985]

      Artist Pet Shop Boys TitleWest End Girls (The Shep Pettibone Mastermix) Released 1985 TypeSingle FormatVinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Maxi-Single LabelParlophone, EMI Catalog#1C K 060 20 0998 6 CountryEurope Rating GenresElectronic
      Download Title/ArtistTime AWest End Girls [Shep Pettibone Mastermix] Pet Shop Boys 8:10 B1West End Dub Pet Shop Boys 9:33 B2A Man Could Get Arrested Pet Shop Boys 4:19

      RAF - Self Control [1984]

      Artist RAF TitleSelf Control Released 1984 TypeSingle FormatVinyl, 12" LabelCarrere Catalog#4Z9 05032 CountryUS Rating GenresElectronic
      Download Title/ArtistTimeASelf Control [Special Maxi Version] RAF 6:15BRunning Away [Special Maxi Version] RAF 5:44

      Mephisto Walz - Thalia [1995]

      Artist Mephisto Walz TitleThalia Released 1995 TypeAlbum FormatCD, Album LabelCleopatra Catalog#CLEO95112 CountryUS Rating GenresRock
      StylesGoth Rock
      Download Title/ArtistTime1Along the March Mephisto Walz 5:362Euphrosyne Mephisto Walz 5:393Thalia Mephisto Walz 6:514The Hunter's Trail Mephisto Walz 4:495Mephisto Waltz Mephisto Walz 4:526No Way Out Mephisto Walz 5:347White Rabbit Mephisto Walz 4:178T-200 (Kokoro) Mephisto Walz 5:149A Precession of the Equinoxes Mephisto Walz 4:0110Aglaia at Auroras Mephisto Walz 4:16

      Trisomie 21 - Le Repos Des Enfants Heureux [1983]

      Artist Trisomie 21 TitleLe Repos Des Enfants Heureux Released 1983 TypeAlbum FormatVinyl, 12", Mini-Album, 33 ⅓ RPM, 45 RPM LabelHimalaya, Stechak Catalog#HIM 001, none CountryBelgium Rating GenresElectronic
      New Wave
      Download Title/ArtistTimeA1Il Se Noie Trisomie 21 3:53A2There Is Something Strange Tonight Trisomie 21 4:07B1Logical Animals Trisomie 21 4:33B2Coming from Darkness Trisomie 21 5:44B3Breaking Down Trisomie 21 3:46

      Clouseau - Close Encounters [1991]

      Artist Clouseau TitleClose Encounters Released 1991 TypeAlbum FormatCD LabelEMI Music NV/SA Catalog#1C 006 1193257 Rating GenresPop
      Download Title/ArtistTime1She's after Me Clouseau 3:382That's Alright Clouseau 3:293Close Encounters Clouseau 3:514Louise Clouseau 3:275With a Woman Like You Clouseau 3:196When You Smile Clouseau 4:327Give It Up Clouseau 2:488One Last Night Clouseau 3:569Nathalie Clouseau 4:0010Anna Clouseau 2:4111She's All Mine Clouseau 2:5512Heaven Clouseau 2:5613Geef Het Op (Bonus Track) Clouseau 2:5014Geef Het Op (Remix) (Bonus Track) Clouseau 2:5015Geef Het Op (Instrumental) (Bonus Track) Clouseau 2:5016Anne (Dutch) (Bonus Track) Clouseau 2:44

      Ministry - Twitch [1986]

      Artist Ministry TitleTwitch Released℗ 1986 © 1990 TypeAlbum FormatCD, Album LabelSire Records Company Catalog#7599-25309-2 CountryGermany Rating GenresElectronic
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1Just Like You Ministry 5:01 2We Believe Ministry 5:563All Day Remix Ministry 6:05 4The Angel Ministry 6:055Over the Shoulder Ministry 5:126My Possession Ministry 5:077Where You at Now?Crash and Burn
      Twitch (Version II) Ministry 12:158Over the Shoulder (12" Version) Ministry 6:469Isle of Man (Version II) Ministry 4:35

      Space Monkey - On the Beam [1985]

      Artist Space Monkey TitleOn the Beam Released 1985 TypeAlbum FormatVinyl, LP, Album LabelMCA Records Catalog#MCA-5618 CountryUS Rating GenresElectronic
      StylesNew Wave
      Download Title/ArtistTime A1One More Shot Space Monkey 4:10A2Only the Night Space Monkey 3:22A3Leave This Planet Space Monkey 3:45A4Walking Through Wonderland Space Monkey 3:16A5Come with Me Space Monkey 4:07B1On the Beam Space Monkey 3:33B2Dark One's an Angel Space Monkey 3:43B3Satellite Sinner Space Monkey 4:20B4Can't Stop Running Space Monkey 3:12B5Spooky Moonlight II Space Monkey 3:00

      Trisomie 21 - Joh' burg and Two Other Songs [1986]

      Artist Trisomie 21 TitleJoh' Burg Released 1986 TypeSingle FormatCD, Mini LabelPlay It Again Sam Records Catalog#BIAS 32-CD CountryBelgium Rating GenresElectronic
      New Wave
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1Joh' Burg Trisomie 21 8:05 2Il Se Noie Trisomie 21 4:17 3La Fete Triste Trisomie 21 6:02

      Trisomie 21 - Chapter IV and Wait and Dance Remixed [1987]

      Artist Trisomie 21 TitleChapter IV and Wait and Dance Remixed Released℗ 1986 © 1987 TypeAlbum FormatCD, Album LabelPlay It Again Sam Records Catalog#CD BiaS 67, CDBiaS 67, BIAS 67 CountryBelgium Rating GenresElectronic
      StylesNew Wave
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1The Last Song Trisomie 21 4:01 2There's No Trouble Here Trisomie 21 4:07 3Memories Trisomie 21 4:014Pleasure Trisomie 21 3:155The Cave and the Light Trisomie 21 2:016Night Fly Trisomie 21 4:117Is Anybody Home (Part 2) Trisomie 21 4:318Is Anybody Home (Part 3) Trisomie 21 2:319Your Dream Trisomie 21 3:3910Waiting For Trisomie 21 3:0911Crying Wolf Trisomie 21 3:3012Relapse II Trisomie 21 2:5413Shadow of Time Trisomie 21 3:1614Son of Time Trisomie 21 2:56