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      Donkeyboy - Ambitions [2010]

      Artist Donkeyboy TitleAmbitions Released 2010 TypeSingle FormatCDr, Single, Promo LabelWarner Dance Labels Catalog#none CountrySweden Rating GenresElectronic
      StylesNew Wave
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1Ambitions (Cosmic Dawn Remix) Donkeyboy 3:45 2Ambitions (Bassflow Remake 2010) Donkeyboy 3:21 3Ambitions (Album Version) Donkeyboy 3:084Ambitions Donkeyboy 3:25

      Ivana Spagna - Dedicated to the Moon [1987]

      Artist Ivana Spagna TitleDedicated to the Moon Released℗ 1987 © 1998 TypeAlbum FormatCD, Album LabelEpic Catalog#EPC 491023 2 CountryItaly Rating GenresElectronic
      Download Title/ArtistTime1Call Me Ivana Spagna 4:052Sarah Ivana Spagna 5:113Dedicated to the Moon Ivana Spagna 4:394So Easy Ivana Spagna 3:545The Power of Money Ivana Spagna 4:056Easy Lady Ivana Spagna 4:097Dance Dance Dance Ivana Spagna 4:198Why Can't I Say (I Love You Babe) Ivana Spagna 4:549Baby Blue Ivana Spagna 4:4610Girl, It's Not the End of the World Ivana Spagna 4:19

      Genocide - Images of Delusion [1980]

      Artist Genocide TitleImages of Delusion Released 1980 TypeSingle FormatVinyl, 7" LabelSafari Records Catalog#SAP 2 CountryUK Rating GenresElectronic
      New Wave
      Download Title/ArtistTime A1Images of Delusion Genocide 4:09 A2Pre Set Future Genocide 4:34 B1Last Day on Earth Genocide 5:14B2Plastic People in Stereo Genocide 4:58

      Picnic at the Whitehouse - The Doors Are Open [1987]

      Artist Picnic at the Whitehouse TitleThe Doors Are Open Released 1987 TypeAlbum FormatCD, Album LabelPortrait Catalog#PRT 450262 2 CountryUK & Europe Rating GenresElectronic
      StylesNew Wave
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1The Doors Are Open Picnic at the Whitehouse 0:57 2East River Picnic at the Whitehouse 3:48 3Success Picnic at the Whitehouse 4:514We Need Protection Picnic at the Whitehouse 6:225Little Lady Picnic at the Whitehouse 2:416Intro of Human Picnic at the Whitehouse 1:537Human Picnic at the Whitehouse 4:468Clockwork Blue Picnic at the Whitehouse 2:369Heaven Picnic at the Whitehouse 4:0310All I Need Picnic at the Whitehouse 3:5811Human Outro Picnic at the Whitehouse 0:4212Eternal Picnic at the Whitehouse 5:4813I Wanna Be [Bonus] Picnic at the Whitehouse 4:22

      Under For - Apparently all the Same [1984]

      Artist Under For TitleApparently All the Same ReleasedMay 1984 TypeAlbum FormatVinyl, LP LabelGry Records Catalog#Gry LP 2 CountryDenmark Rating GenresRock
      StylesNew Wave
      Download Title/ArtistTime A1Imagine Focus Under For 5:11 A2Meanwhile Under For 6:50 A3Form Under For 6:23B1Theme Remains Theme Under For 5:39B2Less Under For 5:03B3In the Prism of Evil Under For 7:28

      SS-Say - Fusion [1985]

      Artist SS-Say TitleFusion ReleasedFeb 1985 TypeSingle FormatVinyl, 12" LabelSAM Records Catalog#SAM 10 CountryDenmark Rating GenresRock
      New Wave
      Download Title/ArtistTime ATransaction SS-Say 7:42 B1Care SS-Say 4:48 B2Fanfare SS-Say 4:24

      Martin Hall - Relief [1985]

      Artist Martin Hall TitleRelief Released 1985 TypeAlbum FormatVinyl, LP, Album, DMM LabelSAM Records Catalog#SAM 15 CountryDenmark Rating StylesNew Wave
      Download Title/ArtistTimeRelief Part 1 A1Eyes and Hands Martin Hall 5:14 A2An Overture Martin Hall 5:01 A3A Description of Patterns Martin Hall 4:53A4Network Martin Hall 3:56Relief Part 2B1Resonance Martin Hall 5:20B2Word on Word Martin Hall 5:03B3Spiral Martin Hall 3:25B4As It Begins Martin Hall 5:49

      Geyster - Eye in the Sky [2009]

      Artist Geyster TitleEye in the Sky Released 2009 TypeSingle Format4 x File, MP3, Maxi-Single, 320 kbps LabelSomekind Records Catalog#SKG 013 CountryFrance Rating GenresElectronic
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1Eye in the Sky (Extended Mix) Geyster 4:492Eye in the Sky (Wize Club Remix) Geyster 7:543Eye in the Sky (Acoustic Unplugged) Geyster 3:454Eye in the Sky (Radio Edit) Geyster 3:12

      Bryan Ferry - Don't Stop the Dance [1985]

      Artist Bryan Ferry TitleDon't Stop the Dance Released 1985 TypeSingle FormatVinyl, 12", Single, 45 RPM LabelEG Catalog#FERRX 2, 883 174-1 CountryUK Rating GenresElectronic
      StylesArt Rock
      Pop Rock
      Download Title/ArtistTime ADon't Stop the Dance (Special 12'' Re-Mix) Bryan Ferry 5:45 B1Don't Stop the Dance (Instrumental) Bryan Ferry 4:20 B2Nocturne Bryan Ferry 4:38

      Monica Richards - Infrawarrior [2006]

      Artist Monica Richards TitleInfrawarrior Released 2006 TypeAlbum FormatCD, Album LabelAlice In... Catalog#AIW 144 CountryGermany Rating GenresElectronic
      StylesGoth Rock
      Download Title/ArtistTime1Gaia Monica Richards 3:252I Am Warrior Monica Richards 3:313Fell to Regret Monica Richards 5:104In Answer Monica Richards 7:525Into My Own Monica Richards 6:396The Antler King Monica Richards 1:507Sedna Monica Richards 9:258The Hunt Monica Richards 6:369This Is Not a Dream Monica Richards 1:2810Death Is the Ultimate Woman Monica Richards 3:5411We Are the One Monica Richards 3:3712Like Animals Monica Richards 3:5713The Turnaway Monica Richards 6:5614A Good Thing Monica Richards 6:29

      Yello - The Race [1988]

      Artist Yello TitleThe Race Released11 Apr 1988 TypeSingle FormatVinyl, 12", Maxi-Single, 45 RPM LabelFontana Catalog#870 330-1 CountryEurope Rating GenresElectronic
      Download Title/ArtistTime AThe Race (Extended Mix) Yello 13:26 BAnother Race (Magician's Vers. for Tempest + Cottet) Yello 3:43

      Pete Townshend - All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes [1982]

      Artist Pete Townshend TitleAll the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes Released 1982 TypeAlbum FormatVinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold LabelATCO Records Catalog#SD 38-149 CountryUS Rating GenresRock
      StylesArt Rock
      Classic Rock
      Rock & Roll
      Download Title/ArtistTimeA1Stop Hurting People Pete Townshend 3:54A2The Sea Refuses No River Pete Townshend 5:53A3Prelude Pete Townshend 1:32A4Face Dances Part Two Pete Townshend 3:24 A5Exquisitely Bored Pete Townshend 3:41A6Communication Pete Townshend 3:20B1Stardom in Acton Pete Townshend 3:41B2Uniforms (Corp D'esprit) Pete Townshend 3:42B3North Country Girl Pete Townshend 2:27B4Somebody Saved Me Pete Townshend 4:51B5Slit Skirts Pete Townshend 4:51