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      Tribal House - Motherland -A-FRI-CA- [1990]

      Tribal House - Motherland -A-FRI-CA- (12'' Single) [1990] [MP3 320 kbps]
      A-Motherland -A-FRI-CA- (Freedom Mix)
      B1-Motherland -A-FRI-CA- (Africa Dub)
      B2-Motherland -A-FRI-CA- (Radio Mix)


      Anonymous said…
      Thanks for this post! This is a really tough song to find and I only have it on a CD compilation from back in the 90's - Happy New Year - Peace! :)
      I have been looking for the Motherland 12 inch for years, this was a huge track in the early days of UK house music and I have never ever seen a rip of it till now...I can hardly believe it!

      Huge thanks for sharing this NRR!
      Rambul said…
      You're all welcome!
      DJ Criss Angel said…
      Can u re upload please or I have to go into my dark loft and get it out of my sealed boxes to ripp it I've got it on Pow Wow Label. I do love the Dim Dae track they did too the year b4
      DJ Criss Angel said…
      Don't worry Got it unpacked sounds brilliant through my system proper Vinyl stuck it on my you tube chanel if you wanna check it.
      Anonymous said…
      please reupload!!!