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      Tom Tom Club - Call of the Wild [1989]

      Artist Tom Tom Club TitleCall of the Wild Released 1989 TypeSingle FormatVinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Maxi-Single LabelSire Catalog#0-21285 CountryUS Rating GenresElectronic
      Download Title/ArtistTime A1Call of the Wild (12" Remix) Tom Tom Club 6:52A2Genius of Love (Live) Tom Tom Club 6:02B1Call of the Wild (12" Club Mix) Tom Tom Club 7:38B2Wordy Rappinghood (Live) Tom Tom Club 6:18

      The Danse Society - Change of Skin [2011]

      Artist The Danse Society TitleChange of Skin Released18 Jul 2011 TypeAlbum FormatCD, Album LabelSociety Records Catalog#Society Records 711 CountryUK Rating GenresRock
      StylesGoth Rock
      New Wave
      Download Title/ArtistTime1Revelation The Danse Society 4:532Change of Skin The Danse Society 5:103God Cry The Danse Society 4:384Black Dream The Danse Society 3:395Slowfire The Danse Society 7:006Fornication The Danse Society 4:127Let Me Sleep The Danse Society 3:168Resurrection The Danse Society 4:589Embrace of the Ice Swan The Danse Society 3:4610Vatican The Danse Society 4:2911Homelands The Danse Society 5:0712Sinking The Danse Society 3:5713End of Days The Danse Society 9:29

      The Danse Society - Scarey Tales [2013]

      Artist The Danse Society TitleScarey Tales ReleasedFeb 2013 TypeAlbum FormatCD, Album LabelSociety Records Catalog#Society Records 213 CountryUK Rating GenresElectronic
      Goth Rock
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1Message in the Wind The Danse Society 5:28 2White Rabbit The Danse Society 4:42 3The Scarecrow The Danse Society 6:594The Tale The Danse Society 7:085The Wolf The Danse Society 6:426Jekyll & Hyde The Danse Society 5:26

      Tangerine Dream - Dead Solid Perfect [1989]

      Artist Tangerine Dream TitleDead Solid Perfect Released℗ 1989 © 1990 TypeAlbum, Soundtrack FormatCD, Album LabelSilva Screen Catalog#FILMCD 079, SIL 5079·2 CountryUK & Europe Rating GenresElectronic
      Stage & Screen
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1Theme from "Dead Solid Perfect" Tangerine Dream 3:202In the Pond Tangerine Dream 1:153Of Cads and Caddies Tangerine Dream 2:124Tournament Montage Tangerine Dream 2:385A Whore in One Tangerine Dream 2:136Sand Trap Tangerine Dream 1:217In the Rough Tangerine Dream 0:428Nine Iron Tangerine Dream 1:389U.S. Open Tangerine Dream 1:40 10"My Name Is Bad Hair" Tangerine Dream 2:3111In the Hospital Room Tangerine Dream 0:3612Welcome to Bushwood/Golfus Interruptus Tangerine Dream 1:3213Deja Vu (I've Heard This Before!) Tangerine Dream 1:3114Birdie Tangerine Dream 1:2015Divot Tan

      Tangerine Dream - The Park Is Mine [1986]

      Artist Tangerine Dream TitleThe Park Is Mine Released℗ 1986 © 1991 TypeAlbum, Soundtrack FormatCD, Album LabelSilva Screen Catalog#FILMCD 080, SIL 5080.2 CountryUK, Europe & US Rating GenresElectronic
      Stage & Screen
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1The Park Is Mine (Main Title) Tangerine Dream 1:152Fatal Fall/Funeral Tangerine Dream 2:143The Letter (Parts 1 & 2) Tangerine Dream 5:17 4Taking the Park, Pts. 1 & 2 Tangerine Dream 8:355Swatting S.W.A.T. Tangerine Dream 7:326Love Theme Tangerine Dream 3:34 7The Helicopter Attack Tangerine Dream 4:418Morning Tangerine Dream 1:209We're Running Out of Time Tangerine Dream 1:0210The Claymore Mine/Stalking Tangerine Dream 5:1711The Final Confrontation/The Park Is Yours! Tangerine Dream 3:2912Finale/End Credits Tangerine Dream 6:09

      Wolfsheim - Once in a Lifetime [1998]

      Artist Wolfsheim TitleOnce in a Lifetime Released19 Oct 1998 TypeSingle FormatCD, Single LabelStrange Ways Records Catalog#Way 168 CountryGermany Rating GenresElectronic
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1Once in a Lifetime Wolfsheim 3:422Heroin, She Said Wolfsheim 3:493Love Is Strange Wolfsheim 3:484Once in a Lifetime (Extended) Wolfsheim 6:02

      Jean-Pierre Mader - Microclimats [1985]

      Artist Jean-Pierre Mader TitleMicroclimats Released 1985 TypeAlbum FormatVinyl, LP, Album LabelFlarenasch Catalog#723.673 CountryFrance Rating GenresElectronic
      Download Title/ArtistTime A1Macumba Jean-Pierre Mader 3:29 A2Un Pied Devant L'Autre Jean-Pierre Mader 2:42A3Sous Influence Jean-Pierre Mader 3:46A4À L'Envers Jean-Pierre Mader 3:38A5Jalousie Jean-Pierre Mader 3:39B1Disparue (Version Longue) Jean-Pierre Mader 5:32B2L'An 2000 (N'Est Plus Ce Qu'Il Était) (Version Longue) Jean-Pierre Mader 4:12B3Thème Astral Jean-Pierre Mader 3:21B4O.M. Jean-Pierre Mader 4:43 10Un Pied Devant L'Autre (Version Longue) Jean-Pierre Mader 7:0211Macumba (Version Longue) Jean-Pierre Mader 7:13

      Wolfsheim - Casting Shadows [2003]

      Artist Wolfsheim TitleCasting Shadows Released7 Apr 2003 TypeAlbum FormatCD, Album, Copy Protected LabelStrange Ways Records, Indigo Catalog#Way 197, INDIGO 1460-2 CountryGermany Rating GenresElectronic
      Download Title/ArtistTime1Everyone Who Casts a Shadow Wolfsheim 4:472Care for You Wolfsheim 5:073I Won't Believe Wolfsheim 3:304Kein Zurück Wolfsheim 3:505And I... Wolfsheim 4:036Underneath the Veil Wolfsheim 4:107Find You're Gone Wolfsheim 4:238This Is for Love Wolfsheim 3:169Wundervoll Wolfsheim 4:5410Approaching Lightspeed Wolfsheim 3:1611In Time Wolfsheim 5:34

      Visage - Dreamer I Know [2013]

      Artist Visage TitleDreamer I Know Released22 Jul 2013 TypeSingle Format10 x File, MP3, Single LabelBlitz Club Records Catalog#BZCR013 CountryUK Rating GenresPop
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1Dreamer I Know (Radio Edit) Visage 3:412Digital Age (Original Mix) Visage 3:41 3Dreamer I Know (Sare Havlicek 'Dreaming of Me' Remix) Visage 4:334Dreamer I Know (Max Essa Remix) Visage 7:295Dreamer I Know (Extended Mix) Visage 6:236Dreamer I Know (Mick Macneil Remix) Visage 4:587Dreamer I Know (The Skintologists Strange Version) Visage 8:038Dreamer I Know (Instrumental) Visage 3:41 9Digital Age (Sare Havlicek Kong Mix) Visage 4:5610Dreamer I Know (Sare Havlicek 'Dreaming of Me' Dub) Visage 4:48

      Pet Shop Boys - Love Is a Bourgeois Construct [2013]

      Artist Pet Shop Boys TitleLove Is a Bourgeois Construct Released4 Sep 2013 TypeSingle Format4 x File, WAV, EP Labelx2 Catalog#X 20004DL1, X20004DL1 Rating GenresElectronic
      Electro House
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1Love Is a Bourgeois Construct (Nighttime Radio Edit) Pet Shop Boys 4:09 2Entschuldigung! Pet Shop Boys 5:02 3Get It Online Pet Shop Boys 3:364Love Is a Bourgeois Construct (The Penelopes Remix Radio Edit) Pet Shop Boys 4:08

      The Frozen Autumn - Chirality [2012]

      Artist The Frozen Autumn TitleChirality Released14 Feb 2012 TypeAlbum FormatCD, Album LabelMetropolis Catalog#MET 787 CountryUS Rating GenresElectronic
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1Before the Storm The Frozen Autumn 4:582Sidereal Solitude The Frozen Autumn 4:143Chirality The Frozen Autumn 4:314Breathtaking Beauty The Frozen Autumn 6:175So Brave The Frozen Autumn 3:076The Exile The Frozen Autumn 4:157Victory The Frozen Autumn 3:10 8Rallentears The Frozen Autumn 5:589In the Golden Air The Frozen Autumn 3:45 10The Last Train The Frozen Autumn 4:20

      Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - English Electric [2013]

      Artist OMD * TitleEnglish Electric Released8 Apr 2013 TypeAlbum FormatCD, Album Label100% Records, BMG Rights Management Catalog#53800780 0 CountryUK & Europe Rating GenresElectronic
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1Please Remain Seated OMD 0:43 2Metroland OMD 7:333Night Cafe OMD 3:454The Future Will Be Silent OMD 2:40 5Helen of Troy OMD 4:136Our System OMD 4:337Kissing the Machine OMD 5:058Decimal OMD 1:159Stay with Me OMD 4:2610Dresden OMD 3:3711Atomic Ranch OMD 1:4312Final Song OMD 3:24

      Johnny Hates Jazz - Magnetized [2013]

      Artist: Johnny Hates Jazz
      Title: Magnetized
      Year: 24 May 2013
      Type: Album
      Format: CD, Album
      Label: InterAction Music
      Catalog: IAMJHJ20CD
      Country: UK & Europe
      Duration: 46:23
      Genres: Electronic, Pop
      Styles: Pop Rock, Synth-pop Artist Johnny Hates Jazz TitleMagnetized Released24 May 2013 TypeAlbum FormatCD, Album LabelInterAction Music Catalog#IAMJHJ20CD CountryUK & Europe Rating GenresElectronic
      StylesPop Rock
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1Magnetized Johnny Hates Jazz 3:552Man with No Name Johnny Hates Jazz 4:003The Road Not Taken Johnny Hates Jazz 4:59 4You Belong to You Johnny Hates Jazz 4:275Release You Johnny Hates Jazz 5:406Nevermore Johnny Hates Jazz 4:23 7Ghost of Love Johnny Hates Jazz 5:068Lighthouse Johnny Hates Jazz 4:579Goodbye Sweet Yesterday Johnny Hates Jazz 4:3710Eternal Johnny Hates Jazz 4:19

      John Foxx - Metadelic [2013]

      Artist: John Foxx
      Title: Metadelic
      Year: 3 Jun 2013
      Type: Compilation
      Format: CD, Compilation, Remastered
      CD, Album, Compilation, Remastered
      DVD, DVD-Video, NTSC, Compilation
      Label: Edsel Records
      Catalog: EDSG8024
      Country: UK
      Duration: 2:20:25
      Genres: Electronic
      Styles: Electro, Synth-pop Artist John Foxx TitleMetadelic Released3 Jun 2013 TypeCompilation FormatCD, Compilation, Remastered
      CD, Album, Compilation, Remastered
      DVD, DVD-Video, NTSC, Compilation LabelEdsel Records Catalog#EDSG8024 CountryUK Rating GenresElectronic
      Download Title/ArtistTime1.1Swimmer II John Foxx 5:151.2Miles Away John Foxx 3:191.3Europe after the Rain John Foxx 4:001.4Dancing Like a Gun John Foxx 4:131.5Endlessly John Foxx 3:50 1.6Twilight's Last Gleaming John Foxx 4:241.7Annexe John Foxx 3:101.8Sitting at the Edge of the World (Alternative Version) John Foxx 3:571.9Ghosts on Water John Foxx 3:131.10An Ocean We Can Breathe John Foxx 6:201.11Through My Sleeping John Foxx 5:031.12Shifting City John Fo…