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      Michael Garrison - In the Regions of Sunreturn and Beyond [1979]

      Artist: Michael Garrison
      Title: In the Regions of Sunreturn and Beyond
      Year: 1997
      Type: Album
      Format: CD, Album, Reissue
      Label: Windspell Music
      Catalog: RE 79 CD, RG 92 CD
      Country: US
      Duration: 49:01
      Genres: Electronic
      Styles: Ambient, Experimental, Synth-pop Artist Michael Garrison TitleIn the Regions of Sunreturn and Beyond Released℗ 1979 © 1997 TypeAlbum FormatCD, Album, Reissue LabelWindspell Music Catalog#RE 79 CD, RG 92 CD CountryUS Rating GenresElectronic
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1To the Other Side of the Sky Michael Garrison 5:24 2The Search Michael Garrison 5:483Dreams Michael Garrison 3:474Take a Chance Michael Garrison 3:34 5Twilights Return Michael Garrison 4:476Escape Michael Garrison 4:397Animation Michael Garrison 2:448Theme to Onday Michael Garrison 5:569The Black Hole Michael Garrison 2:1910For You and Me Michael Garrison 4:0210The Voyage Michael Garrison 6:01

      Telex - Looking for Saint Tropez [1979]

      Artist: Telex
      Title: Looking for Saint Tropez
      Year: 2003
      Type: Album
      Format: CD
      Label: Le Maquis
      Catalog: LM54070
      Country: France
      Duration: 53:11
      Genres: Electronic
      Styles: Synth-pop Artist Telex TitleLooking for Saint Tropez Released℗ 1979 © 2003 TypeAlbum FormatCD LabelLe Maquis Catalog#LM54070 CountryFrance Rating GenresElectronic
      Download Title/ArtistTime1Moskow Diskow Telex 4:122Pakmoväst Telex 3:373Café De La Jungle Telex 1:074Ça Plane Pour Moi Telex 5:205Someday - Un Jour Telex 1:106Something to Say Telex 5:007Rock Around the Clock Telex 3:528Victime De La Société #2 Telex 3:529Twist a St. Tropez Telex 3:1710Moskow Diskow (Maxi) Telex 5:2211Le Fond De L'air Est Rouge Telex 3:2012Victim De La Société #1 Telex 3:5313Quelque Chose a Dire Telex 5:1114Ave Fifi Telex 3:58

      Giorgio Moroder - E=MC² [1979]

      Artist: Giorgio Moroder
      Title: E=MC²
      Year: Aug 2001
      Type: Album
      Format: CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered
      Label: Repertoire Records
      Catalog: REP 4948
      Country: Germany
      Duration: 50:04
      Genres: Electronic
      Styles: Disco, Euro-Disco Artist Giorgio Moroder TitleE=MC² Released℗ 1979 © Aug 2001 TypeAlbum FormatCD, Album, Reissue, Remastered LabelRepertoire Records Catalog#REP 4948 CountryGermany Rating GenresElectronic
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1Baby Blue Giorgio Moroder 4:54 2What a Night Giorgio Moroder 4:543If You Weren't Afraid Giorgio Moroder 5:414I Wanna Rock You Giorgio Moroder 6:335In My Wildest Dream Giorgio Moroder 4:386E=MC2 Giorgio Moroder 4:32Bonus Tracks:7Love's in You, Love's in Me (Bonus) Giorgio Moroder 3:358Evolution (Bonus) Giorgio Moroder 15:17

      Silicon Teens - Music for Parties [1979]

      Artist Silicon Teens TitleMusic for Parties Released℗ 1979 © 1993 TypeAlbum FormatCD, Album LabelMute Catalog#CDStumm2, CDSTUMM2 CountryUK Rating GenresElectronic
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1Memphis, Tennessee Silicon Teens 2:23 2Yesterday Man Silicon Teens 2:403Doo-Wah-Diddy-Diddy Silicon Teens 3:024T.V. Playtime Silicon Teens 3:255You Really Got Me Silicon Teens 3:046Chip 'n Roll Silicon Teens 3:177Do You Love Me? Silicon Teens 2:228Let's Dance Silicon Teens 2:509Oh Boy Silicon Teens 2:0310Sweet Little Sixteen Silicon Teens 3:2011State of Shock (Pt. 2) Silicon Teens 3:1212Just Like Eddie Silicon Teens 2:4213Red River Rock Silicon Teens 2:5314Judy in Disguise Silicon Teens 2:3015Let's Dance Silicon Teens 1:52

      Dschinghis Khan - Dschinghis Khan [1979]

      Artist Dschinghis Khan TitleDschinghis Khan Released℗ 1979 © 1995 TypeAlbum FormatCD, Album, Remastered LabelVictor Catalog#VICT-2119 CountryJapan Rating GenresElectronic
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1Moskau Dschinghis Khan 5:59 2Komm Doch Heim Dschinghis Khan 4:20 3Samurai Dschinghis Khan 4:444Rocking Son of Dshinghis Khan Dschinghis Khan 4:185Pass Auf, Der Drache Kommt Dschinghis Khan 3:446Dshinghis Khan Dschinghis Khan 3:057Israel, Israel Dschinghis Khan 5:438China Boy Dschinghis Khan 4:029Sahara Dschinghis Khan 3:0210Puszta Dschinghis Khan 3:1711Der Verräter Dschinghis Khan 5:3712Handschi Halef Omar Dschinghis Khan 3:52

      Soundtrack - Rocky II [1979]

      Artist Bill Conti TitleRocky II Released 1979 TypeAlbum, Soundtrack FormatCD LabelEMI-Manhattan Records Catalog#CDP 7 46082 2 CountryUS Rating GenresFunk / Soul
      Stage & Screen
      Download Title/ArtistTime1Redemption (Theme from Rocky II) Bill Conti 2:342Gonna Fly Now Bill Conti 4:493Conquest Bill Conti 2:554Vigil Bill Conti 6:325All of My Life Bill Conti 3:566Overture Bill Conti 8:387Two Kinds of Love Bill Conti 2:378All of My Life [Instrumental] Bill Conti 2:27

      Soundtrack - Buio Omega [Goblin] [1979]

      Artist Goblin TitleBuio Omega Released℗ 1979 © 1997 TypeAlbum, Soundtrack FormatCD, Album LabelCinevox Catalog#CD MDF 304 CountryItaly Rating GenresElectronic
      Stage & Screen
      Symphonic Rock
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1Buio Omega (Main Titles) Goblin 2:55 2Quiet Drops Goblin 4:34 3Strive after Dark Goblin 2:324Pillage Goblin 2:215Rush Goblin 4:156Keen Goblin 4:057Ghost Vest Goblin 2:598Bikini Island Goblin 3:519Buio Omega (Suite 1) Goblin 2:2710Quiet Drops (Film Version) Goblin 2:1811Strive after Dark (Suite) Goblin 3:2112Buio Omega (Alternate Version) Goblin 1:5013Strive after Dark (Alternate Version) Goblin 3:1114Buio Omega (Synth Effect-Alternate Takes Suite) Goblin 3:0915Buio Omega Theme (Reprise) Goblin 3:57

      Units - Warm Moving Bodies [1979]

      Artist Units TitleWarm Moving Bodies Released 1979 TypeSingle FormatVinyl, 7" LabelNot On Label (Units Self-released) Catalog#M2 CountryUS Rating GenresElectronic
      Download Title/ArtistTimeAWarm Moving Bodies Units 3:05BI-Night Units 4:20

      Tubeway Army - Replicas [1979]

      Artist Tubeway Army TitleReplicas Released 1979 TypeAlbum FormatCD, Album, Reissue, Remastered LabelBeggars Banquet Catalog#BBL 7 CD Rating GenresElectronic
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1Me, I Disconnect from You Tubeway Army 3:22 2Are 'Friends' Electric? Tubeway Army 5:253The Machman Tubeway Army 3:084Praying to the Aliens Tubeway Army 4:00 5Down in the Park Tubeway Army 4:236You Are in My Vision Tubeway Army 3:147Replicas Tubeway Army 5:008It Must Have Been Years Tubeway Army 4:019When the Machines Rock Tubeway Army 3:1510I Nearly Married a Human Tubeway Army 6:2811Do You Need the Service? Tubeway Army 3:3712The Crazies Tubeway Army 2:5113Only a Downstat Tubeway Army 3:3314We Have a Technical Tubeway Army 8:0115We Are So Fragile Tubeway Army 2:53

      The Human League - Reproduction [1979]

      Artist The Human League TitleReproduction Released℗ 1979 © 2003 TypeAlbum FormatCD, Album, Reissue, Remastered LabelVirgin Catalog#CDVR2133, 7243 580165 29 Rating GenresElectronic
      New Wave
      Download Title/ArtistTime1Almost Medieval The Human League 4:432Circus of Death The Human League 3:553The Path of Least Resistance The Human League 3:334Blind Youth The Human League 3:255The Word Before Last The Human League 4:046Empire State Human The Human League 3:187Morale...You've Lost That Loving Feeling The Human League 9:398Austerity/Girl One (Medley) The Human League 6:459Zero as a Limit The Human League 4:1310Introducing The Human League 3:2011The Dignity of Labour (Part 1) The Human League 4:2312The Dignity of Labour (Part 2) The Human League 2:5413The Dignity of Labour (Part 3) The Human League 3:5614The Dignity of Labour (Part 4) The Human League 3:5315Flexi Disc The Human League 4:11<

      Soundtrack - The Fog [John Carpenter] [1979]

      Artist John Carpenter TitleThe Fog Released℗ 1979 © 2000 TypeAlbum, Soundtrack FormatVinyl, LP, Album LabelSilva Screen Catalog#FILMCD 342 CountryUK Rating GenresElectronic
      Stage & Screen
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1Prologue (Narrated by John Houseman) John Carpenter 2:37 2Fog (Theme) John Carpenter 5:11 3Matthew Ghost Story John Carpenter 2:494Walk to the Lighthouse John Carpenter 2:415Rocks at Drake's Bay John Carpenter 2:256Fog John Carpenter 3:167Antonio Bay John Carpenter 4:288Tommy Tells of Ghost Ships John Carpenter 2:169Reel 9 John Carpenter 11:0110Fog (Main Theme/Reprise) John Carpenter 1:4711Fog Rolls In John Carpenter 2:5012Blake in the Sanctuary John Carpenter 7:4613Finale John Carpenter 1:2314Radio Interview with Jamie Lee Curtis About The Fog John Carpenter 6:08

      Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead [1979]

      Artist: Bauhaus
      Title: Bela Lugosi's Dead
      Year: Sep 1979
      Type: Single
      Format: Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Single, Reissue
      Label: Small Wonder Records
      Catalog: TEENY 2
      Country: UK
      Duration: 14:04
      Genres: Rock
      Styles: Goth Rock, New Wave Artist Bauhaus TitleBela Lugosi's Dead ReleasedSep 1979 TypeSingle FormatVinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Single, Reissue LabelSmall Wonder Records Catalog#TEENY 2 CountryUK Rating GenresRock
      StylesGoth Rock
      New Wave
      Download Title/ArtistTimeA1Bela Lugosi's Dead Bauhaus 9:33B1Boys Bauhaus 3:09B2Dark Entries Bauhaus 1:22

      The Durutti Column - The Return Of The Durutti Column [1979]

      Artist: The Durutti Column
      Title: The Return of the Durutti Column
      Year: 1980
      Type: Album
      Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Repress, Second Pressing
      Label: Factory
      Catalog: FACT 14
      Country: UK
      Duration: 48:16
      Genres: Rock
      Styles: Avantgarde Artist The Durutti Column TitleThe Return of the Durutti Column Released℗ 1979 © 1980 TypeAlbum FormatVinyl, LP, Album, Repress, Second Pressing LabelFactory Catalog#FACT 14 CountryUK Rating GenresRock
      Download Title/ArtistTime1Sketch for Summer The Durutti Column 3:032Requiem for a Father The Durutti Column 5:083Katharine The Durutti Column 5:304Conduct The Durutti Column 5:035Beginning The Durutti Column 1:406Jazz The Durutti Column 1:397Sketch for Winter The Durutti Column 2:258Collette The Durutti Column 2:239In "D" The Durutti Column 2:2710First Aspect of the Same Thing The Durutti Column 3:4111Second Aspect of the Same Thing The Durutti Column 2:5912Experiment in Fifth The Durutti Column 3:3613Lips That Would Kiss The Durutti Column 3:49…