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      VA - Ultimate80s - Best of Season 01 Limited Edition [2010]

      VA - Ultimate80s - Best of Season 01 Limited edition [2CD] (2010) [MP3 156-320 kbps]
      Ultimate 80s Id - Ultimate80s - Ultimate 80s Id - Ultimate80s
      Ultimatebart and Dr. Nash - Intro by the Guys
      Kool and the Gang - Take It to the Top (From Show 2)
      Belouis Some - Target Practice (From Bonus Show 12)
      Dr. Nash and Ultimatebart - 80s Not Always About Rock
      Captain Sensible - Wot (From Show 07)
      Benjamin Orr - When You're Gone (From Show 5)
      New Kids on the Block - The Right Stuff with Info from Dr. Nash
      Scritti Politti - Philosophy Now (From Show 2)
      Living in a Box - Living in a Box (From Show 8)
      Dr. Nash Introduces Trans-X - Dr. Nash Introduces Trans-X
      Trans-X - Living on Video2 (From Show 14)
      Ultimate 80s Id - Alternative - Ultimate 80s Id - Alternative
      ABC - Vanity Kills
      Alcazar Ft. Chic Remixed by Ultimatebart - Introduction to the Wrong 80s Theme Show [Bonus]
      Boy Meets Girl - Waiting for a Star to Fall (From Show 9 Love Episode)
      Ultimatebart and Dr. Nash - About Arnold
      Information Society - What's…