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      VA - Ultimate80s - Best of Season 01 Limited Edition [2010]

      VA - Ultimate80s - Best of Season 01 Limited edition [2CD] (2010) [MP3 156-320 kbps]
      Ultimate 80s Id - Ultimate80s - Ultimate 80s Id - Ultimate80s
      Ultimatebart and Dr. Nash - Intro by the Guys
      Kool and the Gang - Take It to the Top (From Show 2)
      Belouis Some - Target Practice (From Bonus Show 12)
      Dr. Nash and Ultimatebart - 80s Not Always About Rock
      Captain Sensible - Wot (From Show 07)
      Benjamin Orr - When You're Gone (From Show 5)
      New Kids on the Block - The Right Stuff with Info from Dr. Nash
      Scritti Politti - Philosophy Now (From Show 2)
      Living in a Box - Living in a Box (From Show 8)
      Dr. Nash Introduces Trans-X - Dr. Nash Introduces Trans-X
      Trans-X - Living on Video2 (From Show 14)
      Ultimate 80s Id - Alternative - Ultimate 80s Id - Alternative
      ABC - Vanity Kills
      Alcazar Ft. Chic Remixed by Ultimatebart - Introduction to the Wrong 80s Theme Show [Bonus]
      Boy Meets Girl - Waiting for a Star to Fall (From Show 9 Love Episode)
      Ultimatebart and Dr. Nash - About Arnold
      Information Society - What's…

      VA - FestivalBar [1986]

      Artist V/A TitleFestivalbar Released 1986 TypeCompilation FormatCD Rating StylesDance & Pop
      Download Title/ArtistTime1Hard Raf 4:262Living in the Past Drum Theatre 3:203Excessive Love Novecento 4:004Too Much Hongkong Syndikat 3:305When the Night Closes In Secret Service 3:546Celebrate Savage 3:057Gambit Michael Cretu 4:198Bang Bang Bang Ricky 3:589Geil Bruce & Bongo 3:5610We Need Protection (Radio Version) Picnic at the Wihthouse 4:0011Secret Separation The/Fixx 3:3012Arabian Go Go Man 3:4513The Best of My Love John Ryel 3:2414Take a Change with Me B.T.B 4:1915Oh L'amour Erasure 3:0116There'll Be Sad Songs Billy Ocean 4:46

      VA - Lebanon Arabic Music

      VA - Lebanon Arabic Music [MP3 101-989 kbps]
      CD Track 01
      CD Track 02
      CD Track 03
      CD Track 04
      CD Track 05
      CD Track 06
      CD Track 07
      CD Track 08
      CD Track 09
      CD Track 10
      CD Track 11
      CD Track 12

      VA - Zillo Mystic Sounds 4 [1993]

      Artist V/A TitleGerman Mystic Sound Sampler Volume IV Released 1993 TypeCompilation FormatVinyl, LP, Compilation LabelZillo Catalog#Z 91007 CountryGermany Rating GenresElectronic
      StylesGoth Rock
      Download Title/ArtistTimeA1Profecia Calva Y Nada 3:27A2Deep Inside You Girls Under Glass 3:00A3Darkness The Caves 4:31A4Hereafter Aurora 4:57A5White Horses Children of No Return 7:07A6Welcome to the House The Tors of Dartmoor 3:59B1Music Is Dead Escape with Romeo 3:37B2Sacred City Yelworc 4:48B3Blut Und Eisen Trial 5:25B4Celebrate Our Death Second Voice 4:23B5I Don't Love You Anymore Silke Bischoff 4:48B6Por Mau Tens Qntal 4:15

      VA - Zillo Mystic Sounds 3 [1992]

      Artist V/A TitleGerman Mystic Sound Sampler Volume III Released5 Nov 1992 TypeCompilation FormatCD, Compilation LabelZillo Catalog#Z 91005-2 CountryGermany Rating GenresElectronic
      Goth Rock
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1House of Hate Catastrophe Ballet 4:48 2Feuer Forthcoming Fire 4:55 3Paradise Eyes Blessing in Disguise 4:094Second Generation Merry Thoughts 3:345San Diego (The Tragical) The Eternal Afflict 6:356Alles Luge Lacrimosa 5:567Last Dream Umbra Et Imago 10:288Meet Moshe Dayan in a Russian Bunker Printed at Bismarck's Death 3:539Come to Me This Dark Noise 4:2510Simple Blue Derriere Le Mirroir 4:3711The Sparrows and the Nightingales Wolfsheim 4:4112Another Life Secret Discovery 4:3513Paradise Fortification 55 4:5314Time Has Come Today Bluefield 4:33

      VA - Azzurro 1987 (Estate D'Europa) [2006]

      Artist V/A TitleAzzurro 1987 (Estate d'Europa) Released 1987 TypeCompilation FormatCD LabelPolystar Music Entertainment Rating GenresPop
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1Carrie Europe 4:302Manhattan Skyline a-ha 4:493Call Me Spagna 4:064Success Picnic at the Whitehouse 4:565Dance Around the World Richenel 4:076Heaven Can Wait In Tua Nua 3:587Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever Nick Kamen 3:478Heartache Pepsi & Shirlie 3:379Let Her Fall Then Jerico 3:2610How Many Times Brother Beyond 3:0311Hey Boy Celeste 3:15 12Key Key Krimba Baltimora 3:5513Electrica Salsa (Baba, Baba) Off 3:3814C'est La Vie Robbie Nevil 3:0415I Just Can't Wait Mandy Smith 3:22

      VA - Debüt LP / Zeitschrift Ausgabe 7 [1984]

      Artist V/A TitleDebüt LP / Zeitschrift Ausgabe 7 Released 1984 TypeCompilation FormatVinyl, LP, Sampler LabelDebüt Catalog#06.1984 CountryGermany Rating GenresElectronic
      StylesNew Wave
      Pop Rock
      Download Title/ArtistTimeA1Must Have Her Back The Twins 3:43A2Sidewalk Snippets Icehouse 3:22A3Waiting in Line Steve Levine 4:47A4Ihre Tochter Falco 4:34Anspieltips Diesmal Mit:A5-1Up Rock Rock Steady Crew 1:32A5-2Prisoner of Your Love Joy Rider 1:36A5-3Skin Deep Thirteen at Midnight 1:42A5-4Track Three Scott Walker 1:21 A5-5Screen Me, I'm Yours Tik & Tok 1:34A5-6Hunters of the Night Mr. Mister 1:40B1Love Is a Wonderful Colour The Icicle Works 4:19B2Modern Boy Murray Head 4:36B3Blue Waves Modern English 3:58B4Bridge Orange Juice 3:40B5Get Ready Bon Jovi 4:12

      VA - Debüt LP / Zeitschrift Ausgabe 6 [1984]

      Artist V/A TitleDebüt LP / Zeitschrift Ausgabe 6 Released 1984 TypeCompilation FormatVinyl, LP, Compilation, Partially Mixed, Gatefold Sleeve, Magazine LabelDebüt Catalog#05.1984 CountryGermany Rating GenresElectronic
      StylesNew Wave
      Pop Rock
      Download Title/ArtistTimeA1No Time (For Love) The Cry 4:27A2Always Real Life 3:14A3I Want a New Drug Huey Lewis & the News 3:31A4General Public General Public 3:25A5Schwarz Oder Weiss Ina Deter 7:08Anspieltips Diesmal Mit: A6-1Sleepless King Crimson 1:28A6-2Let's Kratz Reflexx 1:37A6-3I Sweat Nona Hendryx 1:30 A6-4Locomotion OMD 1:11A6-5No More Words Berlin 1:47B1Skintight Tina Prince Charles 6:41B2Nelson Mandela Special AKA 4:18B3What Differences Does It Make The Smiths 3:51B4Shorting Out Ian Matthes 5:34B52000 Light Years from Home

      VA - The Lost Hits Vol. 60 [2009]

      ArtistV/A TitleThe Lost Hits Vol. 60 Released2009 TypeCompilation FormatCD LabelNRRules Records Catalog#NRRLH60 CountryPoland Rating GenresElectronic
      Gothic Rock
      Download Title/ArtistTime1Well of Souls Halo James 4:07 2Unlock the Capital Sideway Look 4:343Loverboy Billy Ocean 3:224Party All the Time Eddie Murphy 4:135No Answers No Solutions Advanced Art 3:406The Perfect Side of Doubt Trisomie 21 5:347Interface G Moskwa TV 4:2984JG The Human League 4:329God Save the Royalties (Backward Recorded) Transvision Vamp 3:1210Figures Absolute Body Control 4:2911Cabaret Espionage 3:1612Tribes Are Meeting Teepee 4:5913In the Dutch Mountains Nits 3:27 14Die Stimme Des Herrn Tommi Stumpff 3:4315Muzak for Frogs Dave Ball/Genesis P Orridge 3:19

      VA - The Lost Hits Vol. 57 [2009]

      ArtistV/A TitleThe Lost Hits Vol. 57 Released2009 TypeCompilation FormatCD LabelNRRules Records Catalog#NRRLH57 CountryPoland Rating GenresElectronic
      StylesAlternative Pop/Rock
      Gothic Rock
      New Romantic
      New Wave
      Download Title/ArtistTime1Baby's in the Mountains Peter Godwin 6:492Living in the Background Baltimora 6:053Blindfold Gazebo 3:484Two of Hearts (European Mix) Stacey Q 7:485Time for Passion Vietnamese Rose 2:526I Pretend Bobby "O" 4:147I'm the One Who Loves You Ready for the World 4:308How Sweet It Is Judie Tzuke 4:449Heaven Until December 4:1910Paris Is One Day Away The Mood 3:0011Wishing I Was Lucky Wet Wet Wet 3:5212Victims of the Riddle (Vivisection) Toyah 4:04 13This Blue Moment (Demo 1988) Advanced Art 4:3614Behind the White Door White Door 5:4915There Is No Shame in Death The Danse Society 12:19