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      Free Rapidshare Account contest!

      You can get free Rapidshare account by participating in “Free Rapidshare Account” contest. Check out the rules before participating in the contest. This is 30-days account generated from points.

      Question: What is the name of the country that Rambul's brother visited in 2007?

      1st Tip: There's also a popular song from the eighties with the name of this country in title.
      2nd Tip: It's not Poland, because Poland is where I live.

      Rules: The music question would be too easy, because you could google the answer.
      If you comment without logging in, write your email address also, so nobody could pretend to be you, if you win.
      First right answer wins. If there's not right answer I'll pick up the person who mentions the closest lying country.
      Don't mention more than three countries. If you do - you'll be disqualified.
      One lucky winner will be announced at the end of 1st July.

      Contest ends today, not 1st July.
      The lucky winner is Javier. Check out this single:
      The Human…