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      Is This the End?

      It was a bad day yesterday. Great tragedy fell upon NRRules. But today some decisions are taken.

      I resigned donation because it's not possible for me to reupload so much stuff. And such requests would be appearing for sure. However I believe that those persons who donated have been taking Rambul's lessons in music for a long time. It means they managed to download all the stuff they desired, I hope.

      The blog will continue. If you want to share your link on NRR, like Dj Tony's been doing lately, don't use rapidshare as a hoster (unless you want to lose your premium account). Rapidshare kills itself by killing files. The result is: no uploaders, no files, no downloaders. Blocking my files doesn't concern me as much as losing 199€ account. I have to say that sharing is fun and I'm sad that newcomers at NRR will not be able to explore this great archive.

      Rambul visiting Rapidshare's managerial staff office.

      And here's the place where Rapidshare's boss w…