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      Fleetwood Mac - Big Love [1987]

      Artist: Fleetwood Mac
      Title: Big Love
      Year: 1987
      Type: Single
      Format: Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Maxi-Single
      Label: Warner Bros. Records
      Catalog: 0-20683
      Country: US
      Duration: 18:54
      Genres: Electronic
      Styles: Dub, House Artist Fleetwood Mac TitleBig Love Released 1987 TypeSingle FormatVinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Maxi-Single LabelWarner Bros. Records Catalog#0-20683 CountryUS Rating GenresElectronic
      Download Title/ArtistTime A1Big Love (Extended Remix) Fleetwood Mac 6:42 A2Big Love (House on the Hill Dub) Fleetwood Mac 3:01 B1Big Love (Piano Dub) Fleetwood Mac 6:36B2You And I (Part 2) Fleetwood Mac 2:35

      Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants to Run the World [1986]

      Artist: Tears for Fears
      Title: Everybody Wants to Run the World
      Year: 31 May 1986
      Type: Single
      Format: Vinyl, 12", Single, 45 RPM
      Label: Mercury
      Catalog: RACE 112
      Country: UK
      Duration: 9:04
      Genres: Electronic
      Styles: Synth-pop Artist Tears for Fears TitleEverybody Wants to Run the World Released31 May 1986 TypeSingle FormatVinyl, 12", Single, 45 RPM LabelMercury Catalog#RACE 112 CountryUK Rating GenresElectronic
      Download Title/ArtistTime AEverybody Wants to Run the World Tears for Fears 4:32 AAEverybody Wants to Run the World (Running Version) Tears for Fears 4:32

      Uffe Söderberg - Fallen Angel [1988]

      Artist: Uffe Söderberg
      Title: Fallen Angel
      Year: 1988
      Type: Single
      Format: Vinyl, 7"
      Label: Eurozont
      Catalog: EZS 002
      Country: Sweden
      Duration: 8:59
      Genres: Electronic, Pop, Rock
      Styles: Pop Rock, Schlager, Synth-pop Artist Uffe Söderberg TitleFallen Angel Released 1988 TypeSingle FormatVinyl, 7" LabelEurozont Catalog#EZS 002 CountrySweden Rating GenresElectronic
      StylesPop Rock
      Download Title/ArtistTime AFallen Angel Uffe Söderberg 4:18BDimmornas Bro Uffe Söderberg 4:41

      Mirrors - Broken by Silence [2010]

      Artist: Mirrors
      Title: Broken by Silence
      Year: 2010
      Type: Single
      Format: CD, EP
      Label: Skint
      Catalog: MIRRORS001
      Country: UK & Europe
      Duration: 44:05
      Genres: Electronic
      Styles: Synth-pop Artist Mirrors TitleBroken by Silence Released 2010 TypeSingle FormatCD, EP LabelSkint Catalog#MIRRORS001 CountryUK & Europe Rating GenresElectronic
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1Ways to an End Mirrors 4:51 2Broken by Silence Mirrors 5:063Look at Me (Pure Groove Version) Mirrors 3:454Lights and Offerings (Moshi Moshi Version) Mirrors 4:285Hide and Seek Mirrors 3:54 6Toe the Line Mirrors 4:427Look at Me (Laura Cantrell Cover Version) Laura Cantrell 3:518Lights and Offerings (Belbury Poly Mix) Mirrors 5:079Into the Heart (Jonathan Kreinik Mix) Mirrors 8:21

      Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again [1987]

      Artist: Depeche Mode
      Title: Never Let Me Down Again
      Year: 2004
      Type: Single
      Format: CD, Single, Reissue
      Label: Mute
      Catalog: CDBONG14X, 0724354831027, CD BONG 14X
      Country: Europe
      Duration: 39:19
      Genres: Electronic
      Styles: Synth-pop Artist Depeche Mode TitleNever Let Me Down Again Released℗ 1987 © 2004 TypeSingle FormatCD, Single, Reissue LabelMute Catalog#CDBONG14X, 0724354831027, CD BONG 14X CountryEurope Rating GenresElectronic
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1Never Let Me Down Again Depeche Mode 4:232Pleasure, Little Treasure Depeche Mode 2:533Never Let Me Down Again (Split Mix) Depeche Mode 9:364Pleasure, Little Treasure (Glitter Mix) Depeche Mode 5:375Never Let Me Down Again (Aggro Mix) Depeche Mode 4:566Never Let Me Down Again (Tsangarides Mix) Depeche Mode 4:247Pleasure, Little Treasure (Join Mix) Depeche Mode 4:548To Have and to Hold (Spanish Taster) Depeche Mode 2:36

      Saga - Silent Knight [1980]

      Artist: Saga
      Title: Silent Knight
      Year: 1994
      Type: Album
      Format: CD
      Label: Polydor
      Catalog: 821 934-2
      Country: Europe
      Duration: 37:43
      Genres: Rock
      Styles: Arena Rock Artist Saga TitleSilent Knight Released℗ 1980 © 1994 TypeAlbum FormatCD LabelPolydor Catalog#821 934-2 CountryEurope Rating GenresRock
      StylesArena Rock
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1Don't Be Late (Chapter Two) Saga 6:09 2What's It Gonna Be? Saga 4:333Time to Go Saga 4:284Compromise Saga 3:255Too Much to Lose (Chapter Seven) Saga 4:436Help Me Out Saga 5:557Someone Should Saga 4:09 8Careful Where You Step Saga 4:21

      David Sylvian - Gone to Earth [1986]

      Artist: David Sylvian
      Title: Gone to Earth
      Year: 1990
      Type: Album
      Format: Vinyl, LP, Test Pressing
      Label: Virgin
      Catalog: 90577
      Country: US
      Duration: 1:07:54
      Genres: Electronic, Rock
      Styles: Abstract, Ambient, Art Rock Artist David Sylvian TitleGone to Earth Released℗ 1986 © 1990 TypeAlbum FormatVinyl, LP, Test Pressing LabelVirgin Catalog#90577 CountryUS Rating GenresElectronic
      Art Rock
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1Taking the Veil David Sylvian 4:39 2Laughter & Forgetting David Sylvian 2:40 3Before the Bullfight David Sylvian 9:454Gone to Earth David Sylvian 3:025Wave David Sylvian 9:116River Man David Sylvian 4:547Silver Moon David Sylvian 6:088The Healing Place David Sylvian 5:359Answered Prayers David Sylvian 3:1110Where the Railroad Meets the Sea David Sylvian 2:5311The Wooden Cross David Sylvian 5:0112Home David Sylvian 4:3113Upon This Earth David Sylvian 6:24

      Roxy Music - Avalon [1982]

      Artist: Roxy Music
      Title: Avalon
      Year: Apr 1992
      Type: Album
      Format: CD, Album, Reissue
      Label: E'G Records, Virgin
      Catalog: EGCD 50, 0777 7 86374 2 4
      Country: Europe
      Duration: 37:13
      Genres: Electronic, Rock
      Styles: Pop Rock, Soft Rock, Synth-pop Artist Roxy Music TitleAvalon Released℗ 1982 © Apr 1992 TypeAlbum FormatCD, Album, Reissue LabelE'G Records, Virgin Catalog#EGCD 50, 0777 7 86374 2 4 CountryEurope Rating GenresElectronic
      StylesPop Rock
      Soft Rock
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1More Than This Roxy Music 4:30 2The Space Between Roxy Music 4:29 3Avalon Roxy Music 4:164India Roxy Music 1:445While My Heart Is Still Beating Roxy Music 3:266The Main Thing Roxy Music 3:537Take a Chance with Me Roxy Music 4:428To Turn You On Roxy Music 4:169True to Life Roxy Music 4:2410Tara Roxy Music 1:33

      Enterphase - Solar Promenades [2004]

      Artist: Enterphase
      Title: Solar Promenades
      Year: 2004
      Type: Album
      Format: CD, Album
      Label: AD Music
      Catalog: AD37CD
      Country: UK
      Duration: 1:06:10
      Genres: Electronic
      Styles: Ambient, Downtempo Artist Enterphase TitleSolar Promenades Released 2004 TypeAlbum FormatCD, Album LabelAD Music Catalog#AD37CD CountryUK Rating GenresElectronic
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1Solar Promenades Enterphase 5:472After Service Enterphase 4:563Procession at Dawn Enterphase 3:324Snow Paths Enterphase 4:045Ice & Lace Enterphase 5:096Courtyard Memories Enterphase 2:547Ray Bradbury's Ghost Enterphase 9:378Sky Surge Enterphase 4:369Time Unbound Enterphase 8:0710When the Morrow Breaks Enterphase 6:4011For You Enterphase 10:48

      Pet Shop Boys - Please / Further Listening (1984-1986) [1986]

      Artist: Pet Shop Boys
      Title: Please / Further Listening (1984-1986)
      Year: 2001
      Type: Album
      Format: CD, Album, Reissue
      CD, Compilation
      All Media, Remastered
      Label: S.B.A./GALA Records
      Catalog: 0946357150 2 6
      Country: Russia
      Duration: 1:59:31
      Genres: Electronic
      Styles: Synth-pop Artist Pet Shop Boys TitlePlease / Further Listening (1984-1986) Released℗ 24 Mar 1986 © 2001 TypeAlbum FormatCD, Album, Reissue
      CD, Compilation
      All Media, Remastered LabelS.B.A./GALA Records Catalog#0946357150 2 6 CountryRussia Rating GenresElectronic
      Download Title/ArtistTimePlease 1-1Two Divided by Zero Pet Shop Boys 3:351-2West End Girls Pet Shop Boys 4:46 1-3Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money) Pet Shop Boys 3:44 1-4Love Comes Quickly Pet Shop Boys 4:191-5Suburbia Pet Shop Boys 5:071-6Opportunities (Reprise) Pet Shop Boys 0:331-7Tonight Is Forever Pet Shop Boys 4:321-8Violence Pet Shop Boys 4:301-9I Want a Lover Pet Shop Boys 4:061-10Later Tonight Pet Shop Boys 2:481-11Why Don't We Live Togethe…

      Scooter - Rebel Yell [1996]

      Artist: Scooter
      Title: Rebel Yell
      Year: 9 May 1996
      Type: Single
      Format: CD, Maxi-Single
      Label: Club Tools
      Catalog: edel 0062575CLU, edel0062575CLU, edel 006257 5 CLU
      Country: Germany
      Duration: 12:22
      Genres: Electronic
      Styles: Happy Hardcore, Hard Trance Artist Scooter TitleRebel Yell Released9 May 1996 TypeSingle FormatCD, Maxi-Single LabelClub Tools Catalog#edel 0062575CLU, edel0062575CLU, edel 006257 5 CLU CountryGermany Rating GenresElectronic
      StylesHappy Hardcore
      Hard Trance
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1Rebel Yell (Radio Edit) Scooter 3:41 2Rebel Yell (Extended Mix) Scooter 4:44 3Euphoria Scooter 3:57

      Rod Stewart - Tonight I'm Yours [1981]

      Artist: Rod Stewart
      Title: Tonight I'm Yours
      Year: 2000
      Type: Album
      Format: CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered
      Label: Warner Bros. Records
      Catalog: 9 47717-2
      Country: US
      Duration: 42:00
      Genres: Pop, Rock
      Styles: Pop Rock Artist Rod Stewart TitleTonight I'm Yours Released℗ 1981 © 2000 TypeAlbum FormatCD, Album, Reissue, Remastered LabelWarner Bros. Records Catalog#9 47717-2 CountryUS Rating GenresPop
      StylesPop Rock
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1Tonight I'm Yours (Don't Hurt Me) Rod Stewart 4:132How Long Rod Stewart 4:173Tora, Tora, Tora (Out with the Boys) Rod Stewart 4:344Tear It Up Rod Stewart 2:315Only a Boy Rod Stewart 4:126Just Like a Woman Rod Stewart 3:597Jealous Rod Stewart 4:368Sonny Rod Stewart 4:069Young Turks Rod Stewart 5:0510Never Give Up on a Dream Rod Stewart 4:27